This year has seen the announcement of two new additions of MIDI interfaces from iConnectivity. This new concept has redesigned the integration of MIDI & audio and provides various options available to producers, working from several sources. This essentially means you can host 2 or more (depending on the model) PC, Mac and iOS devices in a controller or plugin capacity. The routing of the audio of both, will work seamlessly into you DAW, without losing any of its overall quality. This of course opens up possibilities for digital production allowing two users of different devices to access MIDI resources under one interface. Here is a visual representation of a possible setup which could be employed.


The first of the two is the iConnectMIDI2+. This unit has 2 In x 2 Out MIDI ports in total and allows to host up to two devices at a time. Additionally there are another 8 assignable ports, all of which can be configured to your specified needs. This can be achieved through the software included and is available on all the aforementioned platforms. The new Audio passThru technology is quite in genius really, as it facilitates to make more complex setups, which can be routed through the iConnectMIDI2+. A as a result its acts as single interface, unifying the both audio and MIDI in one fowl swoop. The unit retails for under £70 and for me is a cheap and very practical way of streamlining your current studio setup.


• Supports MAC, PC, and iOS computing devices
• MultiHost Capability – connect two computing devices simultaneously
• Audio passThru™ from one computing device to another
• 2 in & 2 out sets of MIDI DIN connectivity
• Advanced integrated MIDI processing and routing with snapshot preset storage
• USB MIDI Class Compliant

The iConnectMIDI4+ is the larger of the two and offers 4×4 MIDI connectivity. The unit has the same design concept as the +2 model but on a larger scale an in total has 64 ports all of which can again be applied into any Mac, PC or iOS devices.

The 4+ also features Audio passThru technology. This allows multi hosting of up to three computers or devices, again all can be integrated within the single interface. These then can be distributed across four different MIDI devices and its additional 60 assignable ports. Mapping and configuring can be achieved like the 2+ on the accompanying software.


Additionally to this, it can utilise powered USB controllers, such as synths and drum machines, so in total hosting a very impressive 8 different controllers, for you and your mates to jam on. Users can also connect to a wireless router, and it comes with an Ethernet port too, which provides even more creative possibilities, by its additional connectivity and control. This device retails for around £175 and in my estimation is now a bench mark for future companies to match or improve on.


• Supports MAC, PC, and iOS computing devices
• MultiHost Capability – connect three computing devices & more via network
• Supports additional MIDI devices via USB Host Port (with optional powered USB hub)
• Audio passThru™ between up to three computing devices
• Network Connectivity
• Supports over 64 ports (16-channels of MIDI I/O per port)
• 4 in & 4 out sets of MIDI DIN connectivity
• Integrated MIDI Manager with Snapshot Preset Storage for MIDI thru, MIDI merge, filtering and advanced routing control
• USB MIDI Class Compliant