Ina Becker Interview

We’ve been following your progress over the last year, you’ve really made a splash with stand out tracks like Park Together and Switch. What gives you the most inspiration to make music?

Thank you for your nice words.
Music and moments inspire me to make music. When I’m melancholic, I am most receptive to inspiration.

Tell us all how it started for you. At what age did you get the production bug?

It started in 2009 with my band ‘The Hypnotic Lights’ where Lanny May and his brother are a part of. Since that days I started making professional music.
Music has always been with me.

Who were your musical heroes when growing up?

I think I’m a poppy dance girl. I’ve always liked that kind of music most. In the 80s I’ve listened to bands like OMG, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Kate Bush, Sandra and Whitney Houston.
Later in the 90s e.g. Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and Mariah Carey.

Whats your studio set up like. What gear, and which DAW do you use?

I work with Ableton and love all the nice plug ins from native instruments. Also I use iPad-synthesizer and drum machines, analog toys and my akai midi keyboard.
Sometimes I use my iPad to catch some ideas on the road.

Whats your favourite piece of studio gear?

At the moment a little water bird.

How did you feel the first time you saw your track listed on Beatport and people bought your music?

It tickled in my belly and I was happy like a little child on his birthday.

You live in Berlin, the proclaimed Techno capitol of the world. Has this influenced your music or how you view other scenes when touring?

I love to live in Berlin. It inspires me every day anew in so many areas. Many musicians live in Berlin or come by to play their music, thus you’ve so many options directly on the doorstep.

It is said, that music can speak volumes about a person’s soul and your music can be quite emotional to a listener. When producing, is this a conscious thought?

I don’t think you can make emotional music consciously. It comes out of me. My heart makes the music.

What music do you play when you want to relax?

When I want to relax, I often use an App on my iPhone called “Bloom”. I play some stuff on it and put myself in a beautiful mood.

Tell us about how you and Lanny May began working together. How did the live show come about?

As I already mentioned, we have a band together and as a result the project ‘Lanny May & Ina Becker’ has been created.
Lanny and I Iove to play LIVE electronic music mixed up with vocal and percussion in a club. I think we can transport a lot of emotions and vibes to the people- at least we´ve experienced that so far.

So is that where things are leading you; Live shows? would you like to extend that to DJing as well?

I want to develop and experiment in both areas. But I think I will focus much more on extending the Live setup.

Aside from music, what do you enjoy doing?

I have a busy live filled with a lot of things I love and sometimes there isn’t that much time for sleeping. But when I have the chance, I like to sleep and sleep and sleep.

Tell us a little bit about your Floating Bohemian blog. There are some wonderful pictures there, what sparked
your interest in fashion and photography

For me fashion and music are two forms of art that go hand in hand. In both it is about expressing yourself.

Sounds like its all moving forward nicely for you Ina. Successful producer, photographer, blogger. What is next in your life? more music?

I’ll try more of everything but more music is on top, because I’ll release my second EP at the end of the year on Maripoza Records.

For those wishing to begin a career in producing, what advice would you like to give, that you wish was given to you at the beginning?

I’ts a lot of work but the heart must always shine. And in the worst case:
Do what you love and you’ll probably starve-have this in the back of the head! you shouldn’t take yourself so important.