Celebrating the legend: New ALUMINIUM edition marks 25 years of Sennheiser’s HD 25 headphones

Introduced in 1988, Sennheiser’s HD 25 headphones
have attained iconic status as the choice of DJs and music professionals the world
over. Audio specialist Sennheiser is celebrating the 25th birthday of its HD 25
headphones with the launch of the HD 25 ALUMINIUM, a new version featuring a
unique aluminium finish. Built to withstand even the most demanding professional
use, the HD 25 ALUMINIUM delivers peerless sound quality in headphones that are
durable, comfortable and now even more desirable.

The HD 25 is one of the headphones most requested by live sound engineers and has become an icon of electronic music and a fixture in DJ booths around the world. Delivering the ultimate in performance, durability and comfort, the HD 25s are
THE choice of the most demanding professionals, continuing to set the
gold standard for monitoring headphones and evolving to meet the needs of new
generations of professionals.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the HD 25, Sennheiser has created the new
HD 25 ALUMINIUM. Improving on the best, Sennheiser has combined the
longstanding sound signature of the HD 25 with a distinctive premium aluminium
finish. Individually lathed from single blocks of aluminium, the metal earcups give
the headphones a unique appearance while taking the clear sound to new heights by
further minimizing the resonances in audible range.

Describing the history of the HD 25, Paul Whiting, President Global Sales explains:
“This headphone initially conceived for professional broadcasters was also
championed by top DJs for its incredible sound and durability – a performance that
has scarcely been equalled in 25 years as the HD 25 has continued to evolve and set
the standard. Meanwhile, the story of the HD 25 also mirrors that of club culture:
over a quarter of a century, the world has seen the rise of the superstar DJ, as the
technical skills and artistry needed to bring music to life took centre stage. The HD 25s have travelled on this journey: they have accompanied many of the
world’s leading DJs throughout their careers – from the small venues where
legends were born, to the world’s biggest arenas.

With the HD 25 ALUMINIUM, the journey continues as
we honour that heritage with a new look for the future.” Just like the original model, the HD 25 ALUMINIUM is built to satisfy even the most demanding professional. The sound performance offers tightly controlled bass and detailed treble while handling high sound pressure levels. The rotatable capsules are perfect for one-ear monitoring and offer impressive attenuation of background noise, while staying comfortable for long periods of use. And the guaranteed Sennheiser
serviceability, robust build quality and features like the tough replaceable steel cable
make the HD 25 ALUMINIUM more than a match for even the most intense
performances – ready for life on tour.

The history of the legendary HD 25:
The HD 25s made their commercial debut in 1988. They were originally
developed for outside broadcasting, featuring rotatable capsules that were
ideal for one-ear monitoring and offered impressive attenuation of
background noise, while staying comfortable for long periods of use.

Soon the HD 25s would establish themselves as THE standard for sound
recordings in film, broadcast and television, used by sound engineers for
monitoring work.

With growing demand, Sennheiser introduced the HD 25 SP, a more
affordable version for professional use with simplified magnets, copper
inductor and reduced weight.

From 1989 to 2004 British Airways used the HD 25 BA for passengers on
board their Concorde flights. Due to their excellent performance in high-noise
environments, they were perfectly suited for passenger use on planes,
blocking engine and wind noise with their closed design and secure fit. Music professionals and performers travelling in style took notice. Passengers liked
them so much; they occasionally took the headphones with them.

From 2000 the headphones were increasingly seen behind the DJ decks of
Clubs around the world, firmly cementing them as a favourite with all of us at This Is Progressive