Solo6 Be Monitors

These few words embody the philosophy of Focal-JMLab, the French manufacturer of acoustic loudspeakers and transducers. From their very beginning on the drawing board in Research & Development at Focal, their professional monitors are designed to deliver one thing, at any cost: the absolute acoustic truth.

Founded in 1979, Focal is today comprised of two geographically separated facilities. The cabinet factory, in Bourbon-Lancy, ensures a custom-tailored production
that favours manual labour for the most complex and precise work. The second facility is Focal’s headquarters which are based in Saint-Etienne. It combines the R&D laboratory, production and administrative.

Focal established itself as an innovation leader and has registered many patents, such as the “W” composite sandwich cone or the pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. These exclusive technologies have brought major progress to the professional audio
world in terms of neutrality, definition and precision in reproduced sound.

Solo6 Be

The SM6 line was created for studios in search of monitors that reveal all
information in the audio spectrum, without any masking effect. It integrates
the best of Focal technologies (“W” composite sandwich cone, pure Beryllium
inverted dome tweeter) and offers an unprecedented performance/cost ratio.
The Solo6 Be monitors stand out in this segment due to their unparalleled
transparency, degree of definition and precise sound image. The Solo6 Be
convey a midbass and bass, which are always controlled for extremely
precise measurement of compression.

These monitors have been enthusiastically reviewed and the Twin6 Be has been
awarded “Best Monitor” in all price categories by the magazine Future Music.

The Solo6 Be monitor will surprise you in the very first minutes you spend with it, partly due to its size/extended bass response (40Hz at -3dB). The 6.5″ “W” composite sandwich mid-woofer combines neutrality in the midrange, fullness in the midbass register and bass control. Its compactness and the choice of a large front laminar port guarantee easy integration in studios that need a near field monitor without any acoustic compromise. The user settings on the back of the Solo6 Be, combined with its compactness, make it easy to carry and to adjust according to the acoustics of each studio.

Frequency response : 40Hz – 40kHz
Maximum SPL : 113dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
Input : Type/Impedance: symmetrical/10 kOhms
Connector: XLR
Sensitivity: Adjustable, +4dBu or -10dBV
Bass/mid-range : 150W rms, BASH® technology
Treble : 100W rms, AB class
Electric supply : Local supply power: 230V (1.6A fuse)
115V (3.5A fuse)
Connection: removable IEC supply wire
Visualization and control : Input sensitivity selector
Adjustable tweeter and woofer levels with potentiometers
Power On/off switch
Voltage selector
warning light : Power on LED
Woofer : 6W4370B, 6-1/2″ (16.5cm) Focal “W” composite sandwich cone speaker
Tweeter : Focal TB871 Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
transducer shielding : Integral through cancellation magnets or by magnet design
Box : 7-1/2″ (19mm) MDF panels
Finish : Dark red natural veneering side panels, black body
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 13 x 9-7/16 x 11-7/16 ” (330x240x290mm)
Weight : 24.2lb (11kg)