New Maschine Expansion delivers the straight-up, energized sound of tech house to Maschine and Maschine Mikro

Native Instruments released STATIC FRICTION – a new MASCHINE Expansion designed to provide the driving, international sound of tech house.

The Expansion features 33 drum kits loaded with new kicks, snares, hi-hats, and claps, as well as seven Special Kits containing analog spring reverb samples, Ride and Snare kits optimized for live performance, and additional Spoken and Radio Voice Kits for additional textures.

New MASSIVE presets provide exclusive basses, leads, pads, and
effects for added variety. Optimized for live performance of tech house,

A compact version is also available for iMASCHINE. STATIC FRICTION’s sound set is built on a foundation of modern and classic drum sounds carefully matched to represent a full range of tech house styles.
Organic, saturated bass and synth patterns provide melodic elements
representative of the genre. These are complemented by a brand-new set of
MASSIVE presets, offering producers an ample array of tools for creating an
individual sound.

The Expansion also delivers an exclusive set of special elements essential for authentic tech house production. An analog reverb unit was recorded as the spring was struck and ‘played’ like an instrument.
The resulting high-quality samples add a unique, metallic texture to STATIC
FRICTION’s sonic palette. Spoken and Radio Voice Kits recorded just for this
Expansion let producers add catchy vocal hooks to their dancefloor

STATIC FRICTION’s workflow is specifically tailored to live performance. The
seven Special Kits pre-load with samples of a single instrument category.
When performing, producers can solo, mute, and trigger various spring reverb
and voice samples, snares, or rides. This provides a fun and intuitive way to
instantly change the texture of tracks, embellish a live DJ set with new
sounds, or to create one of a kind, on-the-fly remixes.