Pro recordings made easy with the Olympus LS-12

Thanks to the user-friendliness of the LS-12, recording in top quality is a synch.
Fed up with getting lost in endless on-screen menus? The LS-12 goes back to basics – without compromising on any of the finished recording quality. It features a single front dial that lets you choose between tuner and various recording modes in an instant. Combine this with user-friendly display interfaces, an intuitive button design, a Voice Guide with audio announcements, and a Smart Mode that automatically adjusts to the optimum recording level, and it has never been easier to achieve such studio-standard results.

Cutting-edge microphone system for clear and powerful sound
Produce loud, stereo recordings in top quality with acoustic resistance of 130dBspl.
The LS-12 effortlessly captures pristine, better-than-CD quality sound as linear PCM recording with up to 96kHz/24bit. This is thanks to two high-sensitivity and low-noise microphones set at 90-degree angles to allow natural and expansive stereo recording that faithfuly capture the original sound. This system is also capable of capturing pure sound of up to 130 decibels – for high-quality and immersive recordings without clipping even when recording live shows and concerts. The audio and system circuitry are separated to minimise sound degradation, while a switchable low-cut filter (100Hz/300Hz) helps you reduce unwanted background noises, wherever you’re recording.

Tuner, metronome, overdubbing & more.
Enhance your tracks with high-powered functions specifically developed for musicians.
From the Chromatic Tuner for getting instruments in tune and the Metronome for keeping everything in time, right through to high-powered overdubbing capabilities and variable playback speed control, the LS-12 boasts a whole bunch of features that will be music to any musician’s ears. The ingenious pre-record buffer even captures several seconds of sound before you press the record button, so you never miss the beginning of a track recording. And once you’ve finished recording, the LS-12 also gives you a host of professional file management and editing options – including File Divide, Partial Erase, and Trimming capabilities.

Storage Media
• Internal / Removable Media
Internal + Removable
• External Memory (Slot)
SD / SDHC card (512 MB – 32 GB)
• Internal memory
USB functionality
• USB Speed
USB 2.0 High Speed
• USB Classes
o USB Storage class
o USB Composite device
• Display Backlit
• Display colour
• Display Type
Full Dot Matrix Display
• Display Size
30.1 x 35.4mm / 1.83”

Device operation
• Mode select dial

Recording Modes
• Recording format
• 96kHz / 24bit
• 88.2kHz / 24bit
• 48kHz / 16bit
2h 10min
• 44.1kHz / 16bit
2h 20min
• 44.1kHz (Mono)
4h 40min
• 320 kbps
• 256 kbps
• 128 kbps
• 64 kbps (Mono)
• Smart Rec
• PCM (WAV) format
• MP3 format
Playback Modes
• Playback format
Frequency response
• 96 kHz
20 – 44.000Hz
• 88.1kHz
20 – 42,000Hz
• 48kHz
20 – 23.000Hz
• 44.1kHz
20 – 21.000Hz
• 44.1kHz (Mono)
20 – 21.000Hz
• 320 kbps
20 – 20.000Hz
• 256 kbps
20 – 20.000Hz
• 128 kbps
20 – 17.000Hz
• 64 kbps (Mono)
20 – 13.000 Hz
• MP3 format
• PCM (WAV) format
• Internal microphones
60 – 20.000Hz
Record function
• Index
• Auto recording
• Sound control

o Rec Monitor
o Manual Rec level control
o Low Cut-Filter
• Advanced recording
o Direct recording
o Overdubbing

Playback function
• Gapless Playback
• Playback control
Playback Speed Control
• Repeat functions
Repeat playback
Data organisation
• File move
• File divide
• File Copy (Folder to Folder)
• File Copy (internal memory – external memory)
• Time/date info
• Erase
o Erase all files
o Erase single files
o Partial (PCM only)
Other Features
• Remote Control
Yes (optional)
• Chromatic Tuner
• Metronome function
Interfaces Input
• LINE IN input level
– 6 dBv
• PC interface
USB Cable
• Microphone sensitivity / gain
High / Middle / Low
• Microphone jack
3.5 ø mm mini-jack, impedance 2 kΩ
• LINE IN jack
3.5 ø mm jack, impedance 10 kΩ.
Interfaces Output
• Max. working output
300mW or more (8 Ω speaker)
• Maximum headphone output
2 mW + 2 mW
• Speaker Diameter
Built-in ø 28 mm round dynamic speaker
• Earphone jack
3.5 ø mm jack, impedance 8Ω or more
Power Supply
• Power Supply
AA batteries (LR6 or ZR6) or two Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
• Alkaline battery life
Recording: 50h
• External power supply
USB connecting AC adapter (A-514)
• Weight
170g (incl. batteries)
• WxHxD
52.5 x 138.7 x 23.5mm
• Menu languages
Operating Systems & Requirements
• Windows
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista/7/8
• Macintosh
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.4.11 – 10.8
Microphone System
• TRESMIC (3 Mic System)
• Max. Sound Pressure
130dB SPL