Inflyte launches ground breaking music promo delivery platform

Belfast based music and technology company Inflyte has announced the launch of a groundbreaking, user-friendly mobile platform that allows music companies and PR firms to send promo material direct to DJ’s, programmers and journalists for instant, smarter feedback.

Founded by former BBC presenter, DJ & producer Paul Hammil and technology developer Paul McConnon, Inflyte was established earlier this year with the aim of creating a way for promotional music to be distributed and listened to in a much more efficient way that offered a better user experience for everyone involved.

We caught up with Paul Hammil to ask him a few questions and to help summarise this superb platform

Hi Paul, what is Inflyte and how did the idea come to mind?

Inflyte is a platform that focuses on the mobile delivery of digital promos direct to smartphone or tablet. It’s been designed for record labels and PR agencies, to give them an alternative solution to email distribution, which has become such an over-crowded space in the past few years.

I spent 12 years at the BBC presenting a weekly radio show and i was searching for a solution that would help me manage the hundreds of digital promos i was receiving on a weekly basis, that didn’t involve sitting at a computer for 8 hours every week clicking links. I was sitting in a Moscow airport on a layover to a gig trying to download some new promos for my show and struggling to get a decent wifi connection, when i thought how amazing would it be to have all my promos on my phone – in an app of some description? I couldn’t find a solution, so we decided to develop a solution ourselves.

What features does Inflyte offer to the user?

Inflyte is the first promo platform that allows users to sync their promos offline. This is a huge leap forward for promo distribution; now users can be sitting on a plane, on the underground, without connectivity, and quickly and easily manage their promos from their own mobile device. Inflyte saves all the feedback while users are offline and then sends the user’s reaction back to the label the next time the user’s device connects to a network. It’s as streamlined and simple as the process gets. It also offers cloud storage integration that delivers the audio files and zip files to a Dropbox account. We also offer this functionality via our web apps, which again are fully mobile optimised, meaning even without the native apps, Inflyte promos are supported on all major mobile devices. Users can stream audio to any Bluetooth device, and use all the current iOS audio features – so it’s a music player in itself, kind of like a private Spotify of sorts. For labels using the system, we’ve made the administration of subscribers and campaign delivery as efficient and streamlined as possible with a suite of tools designed to maximise results, deliver intelligent real-time data, and save time across the process.

Who is Inflyte designed for?

Anyone in the business of music content delivery – independent record labels, major labels, PR companies, publishers.

What labels are currently using Inflyte?

The company has got off to an impressive start with a number of leading UK electronic PR agencies among the early-adopters using Inflyte. These include Exclusive Promo, SMP3 Promo, and Double Yolk Promo, all of whom have a strong reputation for highly-curated high-quality content. The past few weeks have seen them push content from the likes of Ovum, Bedrock, Phantasy Sound, Dirtybird, Sudbeat and loads more.

Why is Inflyte better than the competition?

Promo distribution has attracted a lot of bad press over the past few years and there are some companies who do it well, but many more who don’t. The days of sending digital promos to a big list of random DJs and expecting results are done. There has to be a certain level of curation in the process and that starts with simple opt-in request – “can we send you music please?” Treating tastemakers with a bit of respect is the best way to get their attention, and this in itself can become a hugely valuable asset.

Building relationships with these people who are at the frontline of your music marketing campaigns is the key to success. It takes time and a lot of work. We’ve developed the platform over the past two years with the input of hundreds of stakeholders in the industry from DJs, to record labels, and PR companies to build a system that meets with current and future industry requirements. The emerging theme during our research about the current state of the promo landscape was that spam is a major issue, lack of mobile optimisation is an issue, and that these issues are making tastemakers harder to reach than ever before. We are actively addressing these issues while also focusing on the user experience which is at the heart of what our company do. We are building products that both our clients and their tastemakers love using whether they are online, offline, web, mobile or tablet. No other platform offers this level of portability, freedom and flexibility. This is only the first version of the platform. We’ve some hugely exciting plans in development which we’ll be announcing in the coming months.

Here are some comments from customers that have been using the promo delivery system over the past few months:

Adam Carter of Exclusive Promo (clients include Dirtybird, Phantasy Sound, Ovum, Pampa): “Exclusive Promo has always relied on reliable and forward thinking digital delivery systems. We were hugely impressed when presented with Inflyte, and its constantly evolving mobile APP was a function that we’ve been seeking for a while. The layout and ease of use were immediately appealing. Working together and seeing the team develop upgrades from our own user feedback has also been hugely rewarding.”

Funk D’void: “Inflyte is f*****g amazing! Putting the fun back into promos!”

Florian Meindl: “I think having the promos on the phone is the future because when I’m in the taxi and airplanes I have the most time to listen to them! The offline mode is great so I can download it when I have hi speed internet and listen offline…”

Satoshi Tomiie: “Loving the offline listening option. Great feature!”

Steve Parry of SMP3 Promo (clients include Bedrock, Sudbeat, Lost & Found, Selador, microCastle, Sprout and Under No Illusion): “Inflyte has brought the art of sending promos right up in to line with current technology and is always forward thinking. I believe this will be the standard industry platform before we know it. For the labels its a great system to use and monitor campaigns, and for the DJs it’s a clean and practical way to listen to new music on desktop, tablet or mobile, you don’t even need to be online. How cool is that?”

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