iPad Ableton Live controller – Touchable 3

Developer AppBC has released an update to touchAble, its iOS Ableton Live control app.

touchAble, available for both iPad and iPhone, that offers advanced control of clips, mixer, devices and more in Ableton Live.

touchAble 3 is designed to be easier to connect and set up, offers access to devices in racks and more.

“A controller that rivals the Push in the hardware space, and almost completely leaves the competition behind in the app space.” DJ TECHTOOLS
“The level of control and amount of customization is really impressive as is the integration with Live. SonicTouch Gold Award.” SONICSTATE
“touchAble can really add a new level of performance to your gigs and recording sessions.” DJMAG
“touchAble promises to be a real game-changer in the world of controller apps.” ASKAUDIO magazine
“Ableton user with an iPad, it’s an easy recommendation.” RESIDENT ADVISOR
“touchAble goes further than any app has before.” CREATE DIGITAL MUSIC
“There are so many great features that each Live user can find useful as their main controller ” DUBSPOT
“touchAble is a prestigious controller App”. BEAT Magazine

touchAble 3 offers a vast array of new and improved features

Now connects via a simple USB cable.

Now provides 42 new templates for all Ableton Live’s Instruments and Effects (including the most advanced ones such as “Operator” or “Analog”), all closely resembling their counterparts in look & feel (in-app purchase)

Now provides a new iPad/iPhone “Link Mode”. Users can now combine two or more iPads/iPhones to one big control surface: the position, order and size of each device’s clip view can be freely set and all linked iOS devices will constantly depend on each other.

Now supports Devices in Racks. A simple tap opens a rack and unveils the chains, a second one will gives access to very Device contained in the selected chain. By exceeding the traditional 8 macro control limitation, touchAble allows users to get full control over any type of complex Set.

Now features a completely recoded Server which insures perfect communication between the computer running Ableton Live and the connected iOS devices. In addition to provide wireless connectivity using an ad-hoc WIFI network on stage or router for home studio use, connecting to Ableton with touchAble 3 now has never been easier : plug in a simple USB cable to the iOS device and to the computer, and you are ready to goe for iPhone.