Love on the Dancefloor

With Valentines day just passed by we here at TIP thought a celebration of love would be in order…a celebration trough pictures.

A well know fashion and music photographer that we have worked with at several occasions over the years came to mind, and we contacted Evgenia Markova to see if she would like to showcase in our third online exhibition ” Love on the Dance-Floor”

“I find photography a powerful creative outlet through which I can express my love and appreciation for all things/creation, animated and un-animated since I see beauty everywhere, all the time. Having the opportunity to capture a moment of beauty is a marvelous gift which I treasure a lot. I am mostly inspired by life itself, with all its ups and downs, and always try and express certain feelings and emotions in the scenes I capture. Be it positive or negative – they are always beautiful and I love the challenge of finding the right perspective to express this beauty. The beauty of Life.”

“Love on the Dance-Floor”
The love that is felt on a dance-floor is mesmerizing, for us, but also for the onlookers. People that have not danced and been filled head to toe with music, can surely not relate to someone who has “fallen in love on a dance-floor”. And the love felt is most of the time shared with friends. The pictures on show here has captured a few of those moments; love between friends, lovers, DJs and music.

Listen. Dance. Love. Music.

If you like to contact Evgenia regarding any of the photos or any questions please contact the artist directly on:

mobile: 07545 526584

About the Author

Marketing, Social Media and creative writer, Maria has worked extensively in the music industry with venues and promoters, including The End / AKA. “I love to write. I love the challenge trying to give a memory to the reader through worlds – and I am always trying to write with feeling, passing the memories on".