Luke Brancaccio – Basslines For Archie review

Artist : Luke Brancaccio
Title : Basslines For Archie
Remixers : John Debo/Cybernalia/Several Definitions/Drogo
Label : Stripped
Release : Out Now
Genre: Progressive/Techno

Its been ages since we’ve been lucky enough to see a new Luke Brancaccio track, and this ones a corker! Busy running his mega successful CitySeven Music label, Luke has been away from the spotlight for a while now, he’s kept his hand in though with a few remixes along the way, but this is his triumphant return. No stranger to the Beatport masses, Luke has released singles under aliases Suicide Sports Club and with great acclaim as Brancaccio & Asher, this however is his first release as a solo artist.

Remixes come from Mindwarp label head and dance music pioneer John Debo, Several Definitions fresh from their success on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound, Irish future heroes Cybernalia, and Decoded Magazines Future Leader Drogo.

The original mix, and my pick (sorry remixers) revolves around an elastic bass line from hell itself! It reminds me very much of a track by Pete Heller back in the day called ‘Simpler’ insomuch as it takes a few ideas and really explores the possibilities of that sound. Plus its mad groovy!
First up on the remixes is John Debo in his typically deep hypnotic style. No surprises here, this is a straight up late night groover to lose your mind to. The acid bubbles which permeate the mix are a welcomed addition. Cybernailia are a new outfit from Ireland who are still at Music school, but clearly from this remix already creating waves within the industry, here they opt to keep the melody of the bassline from the original but recreate it as a melody line around a solid progressive house backdrop.
Diogo takes things considerably darker with a techy house refit. Wild synth lines spiral crazily out of control and take the listener in to a shady netherworld. Finally Several Definitions opt for a straight house cut, which I find, dare I say it, one for the more adventurous pre club DJs out there. All in all a solid and rounded package which will cater for a wide range of tastes and DJ styles.

We caught up with Luke for a quick chat about the new release, and what he has planned for 2015.

Hi Luke, great to see you back. Tell us about what’s been keeping you busy up to now?

Hey there guys. This year has been absolutely crazy since starting the label. I only ever created Cityseven as a bit of a hobby and a platform to give new artist a chance in a business that is hard enough to get a break in to and since then it has grown from a hobby in to more or less a full time job. The attention we have received has been overwhelming, and we have become one of the labels to watch out for after only eight releases. That along with my own productions, remixes andDJing doesn’t leave much time for anything else. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing!  I was very lucky to have John Digweed give us such a chance back in the day. Not that I’m anywhere as big as John obviously, but I am in a position to get their music to a lot more people than most.

Highlights have been seeing acts like Several Definitions who previously was one half of Radi & Keith go from strength to strength now on Hot Since 82’s Knee deep label and being tipped by him as one to watch for 2015. Also signing people like Adam Kent and his Drogo act for me is something that will turn into a future highlight. The whole year really has been marked in a bright fluorescent ink!

So what was your inspiration to get back to the studio?

Actually, I’ve been in the studio non stop and in the last year or so have released on labels such as Defected, Mullet, Cityseven and Kizz Kizz and many other labels for remixes. But this was the first release I’ve ever done under my own name on my own. I had been doing remixes under Luke Brancaccio and have now built up the confidence to actually start writing on my own in the studio. I still have a bit to learn but I’m loving it. There are pros and cons for working with and with out some one but what I do love about flying solo is that you have 100% un filtered ideas which is a true representation of you. Something to be proud of.

Rather than release on your own label, this one’s going out on Stripped. What made you choose Stripped Recording, and how did you meet the label head there; the enigmatic Norman Hines?

I have always loved what Stripped have done and earlier in the year I re-released my remix of Bjork as a free download with them. Cityseven is more to let other people have a chance, so I try to keep what I release on it to a minimum, not to say I wont release under my own name on my own label, but I don’t want to make it just a platform for me as it will go against everything i started it for. When I played Norman Basslines for Archie  he loved it so thought it was a great idea and label to release with them.

So tell us about the story behind the single.

“Basslines For Archie” is definitely a club tune rather than a kick back and chill out in your living room type of recording. It’s actually named after my four year old nephew Archie, who every time he is in the studio with me rocks out to anything with a huge bassline, the kid has some strong moves!

Have you more original works planned for 2015?

Yes. I plan to go bat shit crazy with my own releases this year! haha. I have truly caught the bug again and I also have a few colabs as well, most exciting being with the amazing John Monkman who is own Rebellion, Get Physical, Anjuna Deep etc, etc, we have something very speacial in the pipeline and Bruce Aisher and I are going to start up Suicide Sports club again so I am really looking forward to this year all very exciting.

How about gigs. Where can we find Luke Brancaccio DJing these days?

Gig wise I have tons coming up. I have my residency at the amazing Electric Social in Brixton and also a residency starting in Warsaw in Poland. I have just signed with Dex n Fx Agency who look after the amazing Darren Emerson and many more.

What advice do you give to new comers wanting to break into the scene? 

Just keep on keeping on. Do not ever give up and send your music to as many people as possible as for every 20 knock backs you will get one person who loves it and that can make the difference. 
When we did Lovely Day we went to so many labels and nobody wanted it then I met John Digweed in a toilet queue in Miami, passed him a white label and the the rest is history. So just don’t ever give up, and do it for the love and you really can’t go wrong x