Macromism – Superheroes LP

Artist: Macromism
Title: Superheroes LP
Label : Tronic
Released: 16.12.2013
Genre: Techno
Review by Brett Gould

Macromism who have had huge releases on labels such as Sci + Tec, Kling Klong and Be As One have released what I can only describe as one of the best Techno Albums of year.

The album is a perfect journey of what you want to hear in a clubbing environment. In-fact its how any set should be ideally programmed.

The italian duo have really put all there effort, minimal influences and imagination into this album as it really does flow from the beginning to the end.

As Superheroes starts you can imagine yourself getting warmed up in a club with some lovely deep tech house. There’s some jackin’ beats to push you further and keep the energy until the tech house keeps grooving you along. By the time you get to ‘Inception’, I can only imagine a low ceiling room full of clubbers with their hands in the air in anticipation for the drop of each tune.

Each track is exceptional and as there is no stand out track on here. There all brilliant in there own right.

With world class pioneers such as Dubfire, Butch and Loco Dice supporting these young guys, its safe to say the future of techno is safe. And as Tronic headman Christian Smith qouted ‘They have a very bright future ahead’.