Man & Land

Greg’s origins in photography stem back to his final year of studies where he designed, constructed and calibrated a large format plate camera. The dark slide based device produced high definition 20’ x 16” images straight onto plate, or reverse negative paper. His experiments into larger formats lead him in to photographing all manors of places and people.

In the past year he have worked on commissions across four continents and fourteen countries, to name a few he has worked in Spain, Portugal, Antigua, Cyprus, Ibiza, Finland, Egypt and the USA, plus a self initiated project with a colleague recording his ascent of Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. The project aimed to retrace and record the two week trek, using period cameras, of the first ascent of the peak in 1923 by early french explorers. A book of this adventure featuring many of the images will be available shortly to buy.

“Man & Land”

The photos in the exhibition Man & Land features photography of the the surfaces of the untouched land and human developed lands versus the human body.  It explores the lines and boundaries of a natural landscape but also the borders between the natural and the “made”, the changes people can create, and the natural beauty in people.

Everything in our world follows natural guidelines; all humans are similar but different, just as a landscape. It can be a mountain or a forest; natural, beautiful and simple,  just as the simplicity of a face or body; both natural and beautiful. But alternatively there is also the developed lands, the houses and rooftops build by man; artificial and memorizing, creating an alternative nature. So is the movement of the body, sometimes unnatural but ever so memorizing. 

If you like to contact Greg to purchase any of the images or have any other questions please contact the artist directly on

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