Mantu Interview

German DJ & producer Mantu recently took time out to speak to Ellie Pettersson in Ibiza early September between sunbathing, BBQ’s and the odd cold beer. Mantu is no stranger to the House and Techno scene. As the Cofounder of TECHNO TAVERNA, SEXY DÖNER and Partyhard all night long, as well as the Label manager for the illustrious techno & house label Get Physical, avid Blogger, A&R for Universal Music Germany, A&R for 1st strike_music as well as a swag of releases with Great Stuff Records, one wonders where does he find the time?

How did you get involved in the world of electronic music?

Well, lets start with – I went out a little bit to much in my early years and its like a vampire

who gets it first blood shot. Its an addiction that became a passion.

You’ve held a lot of parties around Berlin which has been a success for you. Was it hard to

break into that scene and did you have any help?

If you have the right person to turn to, and a little ambition and the ability to know what

people need – it`s not hard to break throw. I was lucky to share those moments with friends

and great partners.

As a founding member of such parties as Techno Taverna and Sexy Doner; what was your

idea/concept behind these before you got involved?

We created the idea and concept of both parties to make a moment and crazy nights to

forget the daily routine. The ideas came up when with a Buddy, when I was chillin at this time

with my greek friend, who came up with the word taverna which means “get together “in


And the Sexy Döner, came up when we were looking for an location and we decided to do a

party in a kebap store in Berlin Kreutzberg.

You produce mainly House Music, but would you like to explore other genres outside?

I´m open to everything, but my heart beats for electronic music. In music I always search

for a special kind of energy, which I find in every genre. I always love very powerful music.

That could be Classic, Rock or Rap music.

Are there any particular places which you would like to play outside of the usual?

I would love to play at Calvi on the rocks and more on day parties then in the night.

I love the actual evolution of electronic music and one big thing is celebrating by day.

Sunshine, a great location and a proper soundsystem – Wahooooo

Will we be seeing a label from you or have you any visions regarding this in the future?

That´s for sure: I working on it already. I selected the first releases and prepare right now the

artwork. It will be a very special cooperation with a Berlin artist, who will manage all the

visual output.

Is there any smaller labels maybe not as well known, you would recommend to to the

One i really appreciate at the moment is Be Crazy Music. Based in Ibiza and I help them

with A&Ring. Another one is BY awake from Frankfurt, which has really high quality

releases right now.

Who would be your perfect producer to do a collaboration with?

Well, I would be honored to produce with Stuart Price, his ideas in his productions are

awesome and he is one of the best one´s I know. I would love to work with some good

songwriters and vocalists to create some outstanding tunes. I search for inspirations in

composing and in special sounds.

A lot ask for tips for producing. What would you say is a big ‘NO’ and would advise any

budding producer not to do?

Be to slow. One thing is to be fast and still do strong productions. There had to be a regulary

output that is still unique. Try to make something unique and special in your music.

Consistency will bring you to success.

Any producers out there you are tipping for a bright future?

To many good producers right now out there. ;-)

Julian Ganzer, my key studio partner in crime, is a genius producer. He combines a great

technic know how and a arty way of producing. Lopazz has a great and warm sound in all

his productions, SIOPIS has always a mysterious and cool style, Fabio Gianelli knows the

sound of the moment and can combine sexyness and power in his productions and

Maximillion, who done with me the remix for Moby is a fantastic composer. ….I could go on

forever counting good producers.

Is Berlin home now for good or would you like to move on an experience new cities and

cultures further down the line?

To be honest Berlin is still for the electronic music one of the most important cities

of the world, but if you give me a nice studio next to the beach i wouldn t mind surfing

between the sessions :D

How did your job at Get Physical come about?

This is a quiet short story, i got forced into it, but i m so glad that i did.

They must be a fun crew to work with. Any good stories from your time there, that always

makes you laugh when you talk about it?

Yes , i´ve got a quiet funny story :

My dog Rani was young and went to the general managers office relieved herself quite

centered in his office. Minutes later he walks into the office and steps direct into it.

Dog poo is unfortunately not that easy to get ride off in a close space .

Well you know the saying : don t shit where you eat…work ! That literally didn t work out :D

But in general I can say that i love to work with our lovely artists and the get physical team.

We build up a great familyteam and enjoy the vibe everyday together.

You can follow Mantu and his sounds at