Marco Effe Interview

Marco Effe might be young, but he has the experience and talent that many with twice his age are lacking. Born in 1985 and whit his first release, Wet June EP, out in November 2008 (just a year after he started producing) it gave him the instant recognition he needed to become one of the most watched on the up and coming hit list.
The hit releases kept coming and his career has from then spiralled upwards, and he is today a well know name on the House / Tech House scene and his productions include “Malaysia/Muar EP” on Break New Soil, “From Kalida To Hyden EP” published on Dubfire’s label, “Sci+Tec” and “Jellied Eels” on Cocoon’s Dots & Pearls 2 to mention a few.
His talent as a Dj did not pass by unrecognised and, and with his release on Gregor Tresher’s label -Break New Soil- he got in touch with Tresher´s booking agency, enabling him to become a member of their internationally star studded Family Affairs roster.
He has sense been found playing for some of the best dance floors around the globe; Water-gate Berlin, Time Warp Italy, Cocoon Club Frankfurt, Studio 80 Amsterdam, Sankeys; Manchester, Harry Klein; Munich, among others… We catch up with him in Berlin, to see what he has to say about Berlin, producing and any future plans.

You are currently settled is Berlin, is there a particular reason for you deciding to live there?
Hello everybody, firstly I want to say thank you to have given me the opportunity to speak for “This is progressive”…yeah, I’ve lived in Berlin for almost 2 years now, and I have to say that it is more than a place to live…There is not a particular reason which made me take this decision, but something took me there.
When I was in Italy I remember that I needed to find new inspiration in order to get the perfect mood and to improve my sound, so I thought that the best way was to discover the capital of the Electronic Music in the world which is Berlin.

Do you have any plans to re-locate in the future?
I really like to develop my work from the “Berlin base” which makes artists very concentrate in that, and I cannot imagine a future without feeling the art everywhere around me, but we never know…

What places do you recommend to visit in Berlin, from a Dj’s point of view, any good record shops or small unknown clubs?
The best places to visit in Berlin, are the places which you need in a particular moment of your day, for example, if you are looking for the new sound and you want to spend a few hours on discovering what the “Berliner” musicians are doing, you cannot miss to check out some of the best record stores in the city like Space Hall, Hardwax and Oye Records.
If you are interested on listening to the best Live sets and Dj-sets head over to Panorama Bar, Wategate and Club Der Visionaere, they are the best known recommended places but Berlin is not only what people knows…

Which is the latest track / record you bought?
I couldn’t miss to buy the new “2013 Repress” of Four Tet and Burial: “Moth”

What’s your favourite equipment and sound system to play on?
I really appreciate the artists who still play using vinyl’s because the vinyl is a real material thing which musicians have in their hands, after that the sound is produced and we cannot miss this, that’s why I still buy vinyl’s despite of I prefer to play with Traktor in ‘timecode’ vinyl, for traveling and utility reasons.
The best sound system is the one which allows people to listen and to understand the track that the Artist is playing, so this is really important for a club to have!

Ever had any disaster gigs?
I will never forget how close I was to miss one of the most important gig of my life which was Time Warp Italy in September 2012. I was really excited that morning when I went to the airport, to get the plane from Berlin to Milano, but something went wrong with the departure time and I got informed at the check desk about a big delay of 5 hours! My playtime was 20:00 – 23:00 and I landed just 30 minutes before my performance.
Luckily, I got on the stage only 10 minutes delayed…rushing to get on whilst my name was already displaying on the led wall.

If you had to choose one; playing or producing – what would it be, and why?
Really strong question…Shall we change? (He says with a smile)
Well, we are speaking about two completely different things, and I think they are really difficult to compare, but at the same time they are connected to each other, especially nowadays. I think that the point in common is the “expression of the artist sound” which might be more real on producing music… considered that we kind of “write what we feel”, but to be a Dj allows you to get direct feedbacks and immediate emotions from the crowd which are unique, so if I had to choose, I would prefer to be a Dj.

You have had some great releases over the last year, and had your new track, Sides (Rawsides; release date 21st July) played by Ilario Alicante at Panorama Bar Berlin, Gregor Tresher and Karotte at WCM Miami and Ryan Elliott at Berghain / Panorama Bar; does having your music played by another Dj give a different feeling you think, compared to playing it yourself, to a crowd?
I think that any Artist can use a track of mine in the way they prefer in order to get the feeling they need in that moment, but it doesn’t make a difference in the crowd’s response if the track is played by me or not. The quality of the track helped by a good sound system makes the difference on the dance floor.

When making a track do you have an idea of what you like the final product to sound like, or do you start blank and let the track progress as you go along?
I actually prefer to compose what I feel like to express in that moment, keeping my own sound instead of making tracks for a specific label but of course we have to get an idea of what we are going to do in order to not lose our way.
The development of the music comes from the inspiration of the artist who expresses the sound in their new own way. That’s why we should always compose without looking around.

Can you give any tips, tricks or advice, and software recommendations for producers?
The only tip i love to give is: “Make music for yourself and compose what you feel” this is the best way to get your progress.

Who is currently inspiring you with their releases?
I think that any musician that has something special to tell us and I love to get the best from everything which gives me emotions, but at the same time the Berlin Electronic scene is inspiring me a lot at the moment.

Who would be your dream co-producer to your next track?
Hmmm…My dream co-producer? Shed.

You have great interaction on social media, and your pages are always up to date and provide great links to your sets, releases and next gigs – Do you manage your own PR and social media, and if so – do you think it is important to do so, or have you ever considered using an agency for that?
People has to be informed on what is going with the music and news of the Artist, in order to get a special feeling with the followers.
This is very important to do and thanks to the greatest social network “Facebook”, nowadays it is also easy to do. I personally manage this by myself, which takes a lot of time, but it is necessary. To have an agency that would help me on doing that, would be surely better but for now I prefer to be the only responsible for my actions.

Do you think it is important to be active on social media as a DJ, is social media the new “fan mail”?
The Dj has to be a part of the crowd on the social media to be interactive with the people who help the public figure to grow up but sometimes they take advantage of this and it forces the Dj to be more reserved on the web.
At the same time, I find it really bad the “abuse of the position” of the Artist who use the popularity to write and to speak about useless things, losing a little bit the professionalism.
The Social Media is however the fastest way to communicate nowadays but let’s don’t exceed the limits.

Any plans you can let us in on, next big gigs or tours, and any plans for playing in the UK soon?
The summer is still going and you will see me traveling from Ibiza to Germany and more but I’m really looking forward to play again for the next edition of “Sven Vath In The Park” in Italy on August 14th. A tour is also coming and of course, you will be able to reach me in the UK for the beginning of the next year.