Maschine Studio

The NI juggernaut of Djing and Production continues to surpass us mortals with their latest installment to their groove production family. Step up the Maschine Studio. For anyone who has been unfortunately held captive in the Gobi desert for the last several years. This is a hardware/software hybrid groovebox if you will. It takes the benefits of software, its endless capabilities with the fun of using a hardware controller to programme your beats. How have they done? To sum up in a word WOW!!

The Maschine studio takes on most of the original concept and gives it a steroid boost of power and functionality. It keeps the tried and tested 4×4 Pad Layout as made famous by MPC. With that it’s not added 2 nicely sized OLED displays to improve your workflow as you record your session. Within these rather sexy displays one can sequence, arrange, mix and apply effects of your choice and in many instances eliminate the need to look at your PC or Laptop in doing so. Impressive indeed .This has been massive upgrade on the original MK1 & MK2 controllers for sure with the obvious result being a bit of a pinch in the overall price which is £820 out of the box but in my opinion is worth it.


Finally the most notable new hardware feature is the Edit section which can be found on the bottom right hand side with a large jog wheel in the centre. This again is an excellent addition to the overall package, as the user can navigate through its 8GB sample library that obviously included when purchased. Coupled with the above features means you can go fourth and be creative and complete tracks without ever having to leave it for your mouse or pc, very impressive indeed!

In summary, this is a hell of an upgrade on the existing coupled with the new 2.0 software (which can be seen here) to make it an all in one box. Yes it’s a bit spicy price wise but you get what you play and an in this case it’s The Full Monty.