mi.1 : Wireless MIDI Interface

We all hate cables. They are the bane of many producers, in their studios. Well this crew of Japanese engineers, have come up with an excellent innovative adapter. The role of the ipad is increasing in both home and pro studios. This is because of an increase in apps, which are software emulations, of some of the most famous synths in the world.

3_in_1_ipad_camera_connection_kit_1 USB Midi Cable

Previously to connect to a MIDI keyboard, you have have to buy Ipad camera connection and then a usb to MIDI cable. Not with this little in genius idea. The wireless MIDI adapter is a crowd-funded campaign on IndieGogo. The mi.1 connects to your synth’s MIDI in and out ports and transmits it via Bluetooth Low Energy. The result too means a reduced latency of below 20ms. It can be used in the studio or live performance and couldnt be easier to setup. Check out the video below for more details.