Navar – Found 01

Artist: Navar
Title: Found01 (Mini LP)
Label : Lost & Found
Released: 25:11:13
Genre: Progressive House
Review by Andy Howarth

This fresh new EP from Navar lands with us on Guy J’s superb Lost & Found imprint, and what an EP it is! It’s no surprise that Guy selects only the finest atmospheric progressive cuts to showcase on his blossoming label, and he’s come up trumps again with this collection of 5 beautifully crafted House gems.

Opening with The Liquid Escape, it’s clear that piles of dramatic soundscapes are the order of the day. A patiently long meandering intro sets the eerie tone for the track, and slowly the key elements are driven to the fore to give the track the prominence it needs to take hold. It’s a fine weapon to use for those of you looking for a solid foundation to build from.

The atmospherics are carried over to the next track Phases Of Grief, a record honed from Navar’s own experiences with a relationship breakup. You can easily hear the emotion throughout, and it’s often said that nothing creates great music quite like personal grief. Keeping things bubbling away nicely, he presents Megalomanez which ups the mood slightly whilst retaining the blissful ambience that resonates throughout the EP. I can see the likes of Henry Saiz and Hernan Cattaneo giving this a lot of attention, as the deep bassline and phased chords are definitely the sort of sounds that feature so often in their live sets.

As if that weren’t enough, Navar throws a curveball and includes an electro-tinged vocal breaks track in Long Lost Friend. I have to be honest and say that it isn’t really my sort of thing, but it is still impeccably crafted and will certainly find favour with DJs of that persuasion.

Finally, he rounds up the EP with Le Paradigme, which gravitates us back to familiar progressive pastures. All in all, it’s a beautifully pieced together selection of music, and fans of dramatic electronica will find just cause to rejoice. If you spin Progressive House and can’t find anything here that excites you, or makes you smile at the very least, maybe it’s time to hang those headphones up…