New Gui Boratto Album Due In September


Returning to the full-length format after a couple of years well spent in the singles circuit, Brazilian groove architect Gui Boratto follows up his 2011 offering ‘III’ with new masterpiece ‘Abaporu’. The album is an exotic and colourful journey into sound, spread over 13 richly orchestrated club tracks that display the same penchant for ridiculously catchy melodies and infectious rhythms that already informed his revered 2007 album debut Chromophobia.

In what may be his best work to date, Gui Boratto strings together various contemporary strands of pop-infused techno and house and translates them into his very own stream of groove consciousness. Abaporu’s cover art would also suggest a nod towards one of Brazil’s most famous modernist paintings, ‘Abaporu’ from the early 20th century by artist Tarsilo Do Amara.

‘Abaporu’ Will be released on vinyl, CD and Digitally on September 29th and I am not sure about you, but we here at Decoded Magazine are very much looking forward to arrival of this album.

Gui Boratto is also scheduled to release a remix package for the album single, ‘Joker’ which is described by Kompakt Recordings as a song where “a masterfully sequenced synth drills into the aether while the soulful piano chords add emotional depth, all propelled by the almighty bass drum”. The ‘Joker Remixe’ release is due out on 4th August and will feature remixes by Dave DK and Michael Mayer. Gui Boratto’s original version of the track can be heard above.

The track listings for both the album ‘Abaporu’ and the ‘Joker Remixe’ release can be found below:

‘Abaporu’ track list

01. Antopofagia
02. Joker
03. Please Don’t Take Me Home
04. Get The Party Started
05. Abaporu
06. 22
07. Take Control
08. Indigo
09. Manifesto
10. Wait For Me
11. Where I Belong
12. Too Late
13. Palin Dromo

‘Joker Remixe’ track list

01. Joker (Original Mix)
02. Joker (Dave DK Mix)
03. Joker (Michael Mayer Mix)

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