My New Year adventure with We Concur

New Year’s Day has become the big day for clubbers on the London scene over the last few years, as opposed to the old ritual of New Year’s Eve debauchery. However, I have noticed more and more house parties be thrown, to avoid the carnage at the turn of the year. With places generally been over crowded and transport proving difficult to get whether in the city or suburbia, it becomes glaringly obvious, that as a night, NYE is over hyped and stressful to say the least.

Personally I decided to stay in with friends and undertake a new adventure courtesy of the ‘We Concur’ events crew. The line-up alone warranted a trip of intrigue, towards East London and the Oval Space. This was my first time at the venue and having heard many good things about it, I wasn’t left down. Access to get in was done relative ease and more importantly access to the bar being just as easy. The venue, when Mother Nature is happy and non menopausal, boasts a cool and chilled outdoor area, which during the summer is wisely utilized to host BBQ’s. Beer, music & food the perfect combination during the summer months, I think anyone would agree.

‘We Concur’ is a brand, who is gaining a steady following simply because they put time and effort into their events. Their line ups delve into the realms of house and techno whilst flirting with the obscure boundaries of the aforementioned genres.

we concur rachel lyn

The night began nicely with Rachel Lyn starting off proceedings. Her set started off with an experimental sound that slowly evolved into tougher darker flavour which warmed up the dance floor nicely for the impending visits of RA top voted acted live act Recondite. As his time came nearer, Rachel took the foot of the pedal slightly, to make way for the German producers more minimal sound, which he has gained so much notoriety over the last 18 months. He sets which are always live encompassed out new and old productions, which weaved in and out along his hypnotic grooves.

we concur recondite

By the end of his set the dance floor was beginning to feel its time to take it up a notch and when Ms. Kraviz take over and boy did she take over. Her people went onto to say, it was one of the best sets they have heard her play in years and both her and We Concur will for sure be doing business again.

we concur nina kraviz

She moved between house and techno effortlessly caning different styles of each from moody to dark grooved then onto a re-born acid sound, which has been coming back into many DJs sets over the last few years. But particularly the highlight being, when she dropped ‘Desire’ thus causing quite a bit of dance floor carnage. The stage and floor was now set for Southampton’s favourite techno son Alan Fitzpatrick, to take the wheel close out a cracking New Years day event.

we concur alan fitzpartrick

His set was what we expected from him but not in a predictable sense in a consistent style of rolling percussive Techno, which has become synonymous with the Drumcode sound. Was it the best set of the night? That is a subjective matter as people were on the fence between him and Nina. But who cares?! The people on the dance floor were the winners tonight, in what was served up. A continuous barrage of quality Techno took us into the early hours of the morning with debatable highlight been when he dropped, his now infamous ‘Skeksis’. You could see he was enjoying himself and looked thoroughly happy with his nights work at the end of night.

All in all, the night for me was a winner. All the boxes were ticked – great venue, diverse quality electronic music and well organised event throughout. Take a bow all involved and thus even solidifying my belief to stay in more on New Year’s Eve!

Photo credits go to our good friends at Daddys Got Sweets