Old Vinyl Records Transformed Into Chic Lamps After the Music Stops

Ever wonder what happens to all the old vinyl records that don’t make it into the thrift shops to be picked up by the audio-junkie/hipster minority who still spin them? Well, most of them just end up in the trash–no surprise there. But at least a few have found their way into the loving hands of Brooklyn-based Orlando Dominguez of GIN Art & Design, for a second life brightening up the world–with light, this time, instead of music. These recycled record lamps made their debut during this year’s New York Design Week at the ICFF.


The vaguely Art Deco/moderne-looking lamps come in either black, red or a multicolor mixture of 45s and are a great example of post-consumer recycling at its finest. We asked if they came with 45s sorted not just by color, but by genre or artist instead (we’d love a dimly glowing stack of slow jams or Barry White, for instance), and the answer was “not yet.” But hopefully he’ll consider it.


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