Patchblocks – Fun and cheap Modular setup

Patchblocks, a modular synthesizer and signal processing system where you decide what the hardware does. You want a filter module? Turn your Patchblock into one! You want a crazy sounding bassline synth with built-in arppegiator? Make it so! We provide you with an empty canvas, your imagination fills it. Visit us on:

All you need is a Patchblock, a Mac or Windows PC and our free software. The software allows you to program your hardware module the way you want. This is done in a so called “visual programming language”, in other words, you don’t have to go into 100% geek mode and write code to make it happen. Visual programming is easy, you choose from a variety of low level sound processing elements and combine their functions by connecting them with virtual cables – a bit like a modular synthesiser, but in software. Your library of software modules includes signal generators and processors (e.g. oscillators, filters, delays etc.), signal routing options and even modules for algorithmic composition. Our editor lets you emulate how your patch will sound and once you’re happy with it you can upload it to your Patchblock hardware simply by connecting it via USB. Once programmed you can unplug the Patchblock and jam away.

patchwork modular 1

A lot, it’s really up to you. Plug some of your other gear in and use them as a sound processor if you want. Make an awesome noise box that produces pure digital filth. Let them play a concerto of chaos based algorithmic sequences. But also don’t forget to think outside the box! Because you can combine several Patchblocks, you can make them work together. One Patchblock could for example generate an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) that you plug into another block to modulate processes that happen in there. Or you can create a chain of audio effects and processes. You can do this analogue style, by connecting them with audio cables, or via a digital connection, by clicking the Patchblocks together directly. Or even both!

Patchblocks feature:
stereo audio input
stereo audio output
2 channel digital input
2 channel digital output
2 assignable knobs
2 assignable illuminated buttons
tough 5mm machined acrylic enclosure panels
USB chargeable LiPo battery
10bit / 20K sampling rate audio – it sounds fatter than you expect!
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