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It is officially announced today that This Is Progressive is expanding to their own syndicated weekly radio from January 25th 2014. The radio show will be a 2 hour high quality format that embraces underground house, techno, drum & bass and progressive with weekly guests, along with live reports from presenters around the world, interviews and showcasing new music from the labels that have shown great support to us over the last 6 months.

Speaking to our Director and founding owner Damion Pell, it was clear there is more to 2014, “It is fantastic to work with such a talented team behind This Is Progressive and we are ever expanding, it is logical that we would move to syndicated radio after phases of the website were complete.” He said

“W are very excited to kick off our radio show with our first station,, a new 24 hour radio station based out of Argentina with an impressive line up of presenters including Sasha Le Monnier, Piemont and Jody Westernoff to name a few, naturally artists we admire and currently work with.” he mentioned. “Our goal is to develop our show into a globally known and respected show that runs coincide with our website and One Week To Live events, naturally, us presenting the show from our parties from Amsterdam to Sydney.” said Damion.

Speaking from Argentina, owner Richard proudly said “This Is Progressive dropping us a weekly program to Radioboker fills me with pride and commitment. Have a weekly schedule of the characteristics of Thisisprogressive was not an image I ever intended. It comforts me to know that we have been doing a good job and is to excel every day”

Richard went on to further say “Radioboker started only one month ago together with my partner only. I hoped to assemble a few one hour weekly radio shows, give them a schedule to each artist, their space, to disseminate their art. That got attention from several muchola and in less than a month,  more than 100 renowned artists have joined and more every day.”  We asked what are the future plans for “Start to build the information folder radio, since I have companies like Red Bull. Ballantines, Nextell, Line pending  with the idea to offer a space on the web directly to advertise.” he said.

“By March I launched the new website  with the most importantly the radio and be able to provide a product of excellence. Also the idea to start broadcasting in FM (frequency modulation) in cities across the country and landmarks (bars and summer resorts and winter) and then start putting together events at various locations in Argentina to establish the product. For 2015 I’m looking at the possibility of partnering with some bar or beach hostel to have a presence next summer and organize events and broadcast from there.” said Richard

Our hosts of This Is Progressive radio is Damion Pell & Mick Finucane, with an aim to create unique and sometimes funny content for listeners whilst supporting labels, promoters and venues that work with us. The weekly program of guests and interviews will be updated via our Facebook and Twitter pages. To follow

If you wish to know more, host our show on your network or provide music from your label, please contact

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