Q Bar in Sydney closes after 22 years

Iconic Sydney night spot Q Bar is set to close its doors after 22 years it is revealed over night. The renowned loft space on Oxford St, in downtown Sydney was a regular hang out destination for a cross section of the cities young and trendy and will be sorely missed. For information on their last gig head here.

In a statement on their Facebook wall the club wrote

“Iconic nightclub and live music venue Qbar will be forever closing it’s doors next month. After 22 years of providing Sydney with an alternative to the norm, it has come time to say goodbye to the character filled space that holds a special place in more than one generation’s heart. It’s strange to think that when we opened our doors in 1993, many of our current clientele weren’t even born!

This is the part where we’re meant to rattle off a bunch of impressive DJs, bands, and celebrities who partook in the Qbar story, however that is what a regular venue would do, and we’ve always prided ourselves on being far from a “regular venue”, so we’d like to take this opportunity instead to thank YOU, the Qbar loyal, past and present, without you we would never have been able to have taken this amazing ride.

So let’s raise a toast to the good times had, to the crew past and present, to the creepy and perpetually fickle lift that sometimes ferried us to the lofty party den above, and sometimes left us climbing the stairs. To the sticky carpet, soaked with the essence of a thousand parties past. To the sunrise walks home, and the talks on the way. To the memories etched in our minds, and to the memories that have been forever lost to the wee hours of the morning. To the friends we’ve made, and the ones we’ve lost. To the music that gave us our soundtrack and a reason to dance.
Sunday July 19th will be the very last night at Q.

The end of an era, but Q will live on in the hearts of everyone who passed through her doors and danced her floors. From class of ’93ers to fresh faced ’15ers. We’ll be assembling a ramshackle posse of party chuckers from the years gone by to throw one hell of a final soiree, a drink or two will be had, and a tear or two shed as we dance for the very last time.”