Redesigning Soundcloud – Is this the perfect platform?

We are pretty excited and fascinated by this website we came across today at Decoded Magazine; we just had to share it with you. Designer, Developer and Curious primate, Evan Simoni deconstructed Soundcloud and rebuilt it with some exciting and incredible user features I am sure we would all love to see and use.


SoundCloud is a pretty cool place — listeners can follow artists to access brand new music and artists can build a following by releasing singles and even full albums. But as the regular users know, interacting with the platform can be frustrating.

Compared to the simple and beautiful designs of other music services, SoundCloud feels clunky and outdated. Both the web and mobile app experiences are laden with counterintuitive design and awkward flows.

Yet despite this, I’ve become immersed in the community because I believe in what the platform provides. I want SoundCloud to be even more awesome.

As a user I care about:

A clean, intuitive and functional interface
Learning more about the artists I’m listening to and discovering new ones
Sharing and communicating with my friends
The current website does a decent job covering these basics, but they can all be done better. Let me break it down…

To view the full breakdown of Soundcloud produced by Evan , click here

We think this is a brilliant step in the right direction and we would love to hear your thoughts as we will be championing this direct to Soundcloud over the coming weeks.

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