Review – Barbuto’s debut EP Arcana on Octopus Recordings

Artist: Barbuto
Title: Arcana
Label: Octopus
Cat No: OCT71
Release: 06/04/2015
Genre: Techno

Barcelona based Octopus records owned by Sian, has released some massive tracks in its across the realms of Techno over the last few years. This EP consists of two tracks from a label debutant Barbuto.

Texan based producer Barbuto serves up a nice rolling techno EP. The first track ‘Arcana’ starts off with a warm subby low-end and a somewhat eerie drowning background filler which gradually builds into the first break. The low-end is removed and replaced by a rather heavily distorted vocal before releasing back into full swing. The groove is a simple one almost minimal in some respects which cruising along before a echoed riff is added and develop the feel of the track, before dropping into the main break. The aforementioned distorted vocal reappears before all the percussion is removed then subtlety builds nicely back into the main loop. The track is now in full show with the echoed riff proving a nice compliment to the precussive elements. A perfect track for warm up DJs bag for sure.

The second track on the EP and very interestingly named ‘Twilight Imperium’ continues along the lines of its predecessor with elements of a minimal nature. The track driven with its percussion and a vocal stab leads into a mini break before a heavily reverbed stab adds to mix. It works well with what seems to be a ride like pad in the background. This moves us into the main break which winds down slowly stripping off the high end parts then the low-end to be left with filtered short synth stab like sound before the filter opens and leads back into the main loop. The distorted vocal continues and is now the feature, before been filtered down and thus beginning the outro.

A solid two track EP from the stateside producer. Perhaps something of what a different flavour to what you would you would usually hear on the Spanish label but would suit as warm DJ without a doubt.