Review: FAR – Inevitable Collapse

Artist: FAR
Title: Inevitable Collapse
Label: Electric Deluxe
Cat No.: EDLX042
Release: 27/04/2015
Genre: Electronica & Techno

The  latest release on the infamous Electric Deluxe is an 4 track EP from a debutante on the label by FAR which is impressive to say the least. FAR who has several releases to date but none of this variety.

On the A side Hypocrite kicks of f the EP with a with a beautiful EBM style track. It begins with a 80 style riff and heavily delayed bell sound  both embodied in swirling evolving pad. This works nicely against a nice splashed brushed hat sound. As the name suggests there is an ever present hypnotic vocal throughout all back up with orchestral stringed chord. Always subtlety building into a before coming back down. All in all a lovely entrance but powerful track to suit any DJ set.

‘Ignite’ continues along the theme of electronica on the EP.  The track starts wind like filler and simple synthy chord before a deep sub is introduced whilst a heavily auto-panned percussive element given a spacey alien aura. Some percussive break like elements are introduced with a dirtied up kick and snare sequence.

On the B side a techno feel take precedence with in the style we know EDLX is renowned for.  ‘Carrier’ is a dark chugging techno track. Staring with a heavily reverbed vocal pad and splashy rides hits all over a warehouse thudded kick drum. A metallic percussive like bell is introduced of an FM synthesis variety. This wonders off in delayed state before coming in and does this throughout the track. A dark eerie track which takes my pick of the EP.

‘Smash the Walls’ concludes the EP with an Aphex Twin feel to it. It begins with  very futuristic modular sequenced synth stab. This is driven with deep subby 808 style double tapped kick with some familiar roland style clap on top. The choice elements all squelchy and futuristic moving and swaying through out and a familiar theme in this EP couple this with a very interesting cathedral organ. An intersting distorted track to say the least.

What can I see an intriguing EP for the electronica and techno fans out there and would definitely recommend. Electric Deluxe continues to deliver with its ever evolving back catalogue of leftfield releases on the side of electronica.