Review – Sasha releases the mighty Ether on LNOE

Artist : Sasha
Title : Ether
Label : Last Night on Earth
Release : Out now
Genre : Techno/ Progressive House

Picking up from where ‘Vapourspace’ left off, Sasha returns to ‘Last Night On Earth’ with another equally interesting production entitled ‘Ether’. Sasha has consistently delivered some of dance music’s most dynamic and innovative music. ‘Ether’ is another release that rests easily on the shoulders of a giant of the scene with a catalogue of productions many envy. Whether it be in the studio or playing at the worlds most prolific venues, ‘Ether’ reiterates the fact that Sasha is showing no sign of taking his foot off the pedal.


The main mix of Ether is a grower. The elements are added in slowly, but deliberately. In my mind theres an air of frustration that created in the opening two minutes which is vastly made up for in the preceding seven. An insistent two tone lead line ebbs and flows in and out of the listeners attention, and as the growly bass line at 3 minutes enters the track jumps up several notches, upping the pressure. I was kind of expecting a break down, or even a change in the percussive arrangement, but instead the track powers on adding vocal one shots and bits of phrases for further drama. The bass drops a note around 4.30 and tangibly excites; a neat trick. But one which cuts the tension without losing any of the momentum the track has amassed. The breakdown isn’t the best if Im honest, and serves as a short respite before the thunderous bass hits us in the chest like a boxer on steroids.

The intro mix on the other hand is Sasha at his magical best. Beatless but much more dramatic, its multi functional as an intro, outro, or really anywhere in-between. The vocal treatment here is much more pronounced and to be honest, feels like a much better track. There’s no doubt this will do very well and there is no denying that Sasha is a pivotal figure in the dance scene, and continues to push boundaries, but he’s released much stronger tracks than this.