Alex Wareing – It’s Not My Fault

Artist: Alex Wareing
Title: It’s Not My Fault
Remixers : Tom Frankel, Casma
Label : Funkoloko
Cat No: FLR001
Released: 29.07.2013

Debut releases for new labels are always a bit of a roll of the dice. It is almost certain that a healthy selection of potential new releases will have been compiled beforehand, in order to give the label owners sufficient material to choose from to ensure the new imprint gains the maximum amount of exposure and support. It’s true what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the case of Northern Ireland’s new Funkoloko, they’ve opted for the work of Alex Wareing, with two remixes from Casma and Tom Frankel.

The title track ‘It’s Not My Fault’ is a reasonable effort, and it’s clear that Wareing has spent a decent amount of time honing his skills as a producer. The release notes describe it as a feel-good House track with an infectious vocal, and whilst i’m not entirely sure I agree with it as a description, it does chug along nicely as a tool for building a set during the earlier stages of the night. I have to be honest here and say that, far from being infectious, I actually found the repetitive vox snippets to be a little bit annoying. Working with the unedited vocal to give it a little more prominence and allow it to breathe would have possibly made the track a little more memorable, and certainly transformed the track into a strong Deep House weapon, as opposed to a stepping stone to the more engaging records in your collection.

Stepping up for remix duty first is Casma, who wastes no time in going straight for the House jugular. His interpretation will easily find a home with fans of the Waze & Odyssey/Bicep chunky old-school sound, and he’s used the acid-tinged bassline to give the track a slick rolling sound that bounces away beautifully. He’s also allowed the vocal to do its work, and the application of some smart background reverb over the top of the delays lends the track some solid atmospherics. Apparently the next release on Funkoloko will be a Casma original, so it’ll be worth checking out when it materialises.

Rounding up proceedings is Tom Frankel, who serves up a much darker incarnation of Wareing’s original. Clearly aimed at satisfying the later end of the night, with a brooding bassline and a twanging synth line that rides over the top. Much like the original, Tom has reworked the vocal to manipulate snippets of it, although he’s done it with much greater effect here so that it never becomes overbearing. A solid remix that Progressive DJ’s will appreciate, and one that finishes up a neat little EP on the whole.