Andre Sobota – Pulsatilla EP

Artist: Andre Sobota
Title: Pulsatilla EP
Remixers : Henry Saiz, Electric Rescue, 16 Bit Lolitas
Genre : Progressive House and Techno
Label : microCastle
Cat No: MCSL030
Released: 29.07.2013

Andre Sobota returns to microCastle for the labels 30th release. The Brazil based producer has continued to impress since his hugely successful Surrounded By Time EP in 2012 and this package is no exception to the high standards set by this man. With an impressive array of remixers like Electric Rescue, 16 Bit Lolitas and Henry Saiz this release was only ever going to impress.

The title track Pulsatilla sets the pack up nicely and has a warm summery feel and really great dark growling low end that complement each other perfectly. This really is one of those tracks that would help grab the attention of any crowd and I can certainly see this being hammered across many a techno and progressive based dance floor for weeks to come. The remixer of this track is none other than the main man of the moment Henry Saiz. I am sure this man can do no wrong at present. Even his cheeky remix he did of a Britney Spears track under his Hal Incandenza guise was impressive. In regards to his remix here it is simply sublime. It starts off with a simple kick and pads and builds into what could be described as a beautiful monster, if I can use those words together. Henry’s uniquely organic and abundantly musical sound has melded itself extremely well to Pulsatilla. The way Henry has produced such warm, analogue grooves, vocal hooks and poignant chord changes provide the necessary emotional content which makes for one of Henry’s best remix works to date. If you love Henry’s work you will adore this remix.

The second original track from Andre is Full Circle. This is a lot more light than the previous track and remix and builds into a beautiful break made up of wonderful harmonies and a great grinding build. If you think Guy J you won’t be a million miles away. This is a track that is full of emotion and really does take you on captivating journey. The remixer for this track Electric Rescue makes his first appearance on microCastle and he really does take this track on very different journey from the original and this is something I do like from a remix. From the very first kick you know this is going to be one for the techno and darker dance floors. The track is filled with rhythmic stabs and dynamic fills that really do generate a certain amount of energy and when the cymbal rides kick in you know this isn’t going to be a track for the faint hearted. It won’t appeal to everyone but it certainly gets my vote.

Andre’s third and final original track on the release is Lights which is also a great track but in my opinion the weaker of the 3 original tracks. When i say weaker I mean like saying half a pint of vodka is weaker than a pint of vodka. It will still do the business on many dancefloors around the world but just not as strong as the other tracks. It is a track that is backed by a driving groove, strong percussion and a great wavering hypnotic energy. The remix of Lights comes in the shape of 16 Bit Lolitas who are returning to microCastle for their 11th overall appearance. However I do feel this is not their most memorable work for the label. For their Lights interpretation 16 Bit Lolitas have delivered what could be described as a more deeper house vibe. For me the track never really gets going and does fail to deliver like the other tracks on the in the release. It would be a good early or very light night track when the mood and energy levels need calming a little but it is by no means a great or memorable track.