C-Jay & Yoram – RadioSchaduw

Artist: C-Jay & Yoram
Title: RadioSchaduw
Label: Baroque
Date: 12th Aug 2013
Format: Digital

C-Jay returns on the mighty Baroque Records with RadioSchaduw. This time he is pairing up with fellow dutchman Yoram, who is no stranger to production himself. Together, they share a love of deep progressive and that becomes fully evident on listening to the awesome original, which reaffirms my faith in the real progressive sound that dominated the underground scene at around the turn of the century. Don’t be fooled though, this is definitely fresh and as future proof as always. The package contains three remixes, all of which draw heavily on the original but with wonderful variations.

From the opening padded vocals (provided by C-Jays girlfriend – Saskia), a driving bass and minimal percussion give way to some interesting textures and hits before a haunting female chant draws you in further. Melodies flick in and out of view as the track gathers pace to the break. There it forms a moment of calm before we are whisked away for the second part of the journey.

Blue Sparkle provide the first of the 3 equally good remixes. They take the track into darker territory with a tougher drum line and use of percussion. Think Herman Cattaneo. They also use a nagging one note pad to add darkness to the overall feel of the track. The calmness of the originals break here is fractured by the introduction of a 303 hook line. They also use a male spoken vocal sample not used in the original. Defiantly one for mid set warm ups and those special hours before dawn when the hipsters have gone home.

Oscar Holgado takes this unabashedly progressive house track and transforms it into a peak set deep houser. Congas skip around your head before the beat draws you in. Clever use of dubby techno chords adds interest and decreases the chance of this track becoming ‘another deep house remix’. Again there is some use of male vocal samples which only go to make this track the stand out selection of this EP for me.

Finally, Terje Saether leads us down the darkest path of all. This is Hernan on steroids! The 303 line is used to much better effect in this mix and forms the lead hook. After a really long break, the second half powers along with a harder 303 and some nice textures. Of the whole package, this is the most peak time progressive track.

Early support comes from artists like Hernan Cattaneo(!), Armin van Buuren, Lemon8, Guy Mantzur, MoShic and Fady Ferraye. My advice, get yourself on Beatport when this drops and buy yourself a secret weapon you can use for at least the next 6 months.
You can hear samples of the tracks here of C-Jays SoundCloud page