Darin Epsilon – Valencia

Artist: Darin Epsilon
Title: Valencia
Remixers: Jamie Stevens, Dousk
Label : Perspectives Digital
Cat No : PSDI022
Release : 04.11.2013

Genre : Progressive
Review by Andy Howarth

Since 2010, Darin Epsilon has been treating us to a different grade of electronic music via his own Perspectives Digital imprint. Based in Los Angeles, he’s been churning out thought-provoking Progressive from the likes of Lanny May, Walsh & Coutre, Jamie Stevens (who features on this EP), Lank, and of course plenty of his own material. His new EP maintains these heady standards and contains 3 tracks of unbridled swirling House, that will entrance and enthral in equal measure.

Commencing with ‘Valencia’, Epsilon adopts his traditional piano-led approach and constructs the bulk of the tune around the keys. The record chugs along nicely with layers of twinkly synths sitting cosily over the top of the main riff. Ethereal soundscapes wash over the ensemble, lending the track a dreamy feel which has become somewhat of a trademark for Darin’s output in recent years. Certainly the key elements provide an extremely solid foundation for the ensuing remixes.

Stepping up to the plate first is Jamie Stevens with a slightly more energetic interpretation. Adding a rolling bassline and crunchy percussion gives the remix a slightly more techy feel than Epsilon’s Progressive voyage, and it reflects Jamie’s own personal brand of electronica. I absolutely adored his recent remix of Antix’s ‘Ships In The Night’, a track that married Prog and Techno in perfect harmony, and this remix is certainly another qualified success.

Rounding the EP off is Dousk’s remix, and my personal favourite from this release. It’s a haunting affair from one of the more consistent producers to ascend to the top over the last decade. Dousk delivers a masterclass in the art of adding subtle layers to give a track the presence it requires to stand out in the mix. The way Dousk weaves the individual elements, taking patient time to introduce each synth line and sample, is how Progressive House should be delivered. In essence, creating a track from steady graduating components that combine and work together towards a climax. The theory is nicely demonstrated with this remix, and as a finale to an EP of this calibre, I can think of no better.