JAK – Crashback

Artist: JAK
Title: Crashback EP
Label : Subsensory Recordings
Cat No : SSR060
Release : 21.10.2013

Genre : Techno

American techno hero Jak returns on Subsensory Records who

have been supported by the likes of the legend Carl Cox. A 3

track E.P with 2 mixes of title track ‘Crashback’ and 1 mix

of ‘Slashback’.

The tracks are simple chugging rhythms which would sound

like a steam train smashing through the walls of a club,

through the dance floor and back through the walls on the way

out! Not that you would care or notice. It just sounds good.

Personally if I had to plump for one I would go for the the

Rewired mix of Crashback.

The original of Crashback does exactly what it says on the

tin. Percussion, hats, fat bottom, some stabs and a vocal

sample that says ‘Garage’ a la Underworld ‘Darker Longer’.

Unfortunately no where near Underworld.

The Jak Rewired mix of Crashback has a bit more going on

than the rest. Theres no messing from the first kick, the

bottom end base is straight into the track, so fingers straight

on the EQ! It does sounds a tiny bit more musical, due to

a couple of changes, which will of course get the old finger pointers

out! You also have a bit more percussion on top which gives

this mix the edge from the package.

Backslash is pretty much in the same vain although this

track builds slightly better than the previous 2. Jak also

adds a couple of spooky, dark pads into the frame which

gives the track a little bit more atmosphere during the

intro and main break.

All said and done this is peak time, so well worth checking