Javanny – Dreamer

Artist: Javanny
Title: Dreamer

Label : Suffused
Cat No : SMD005
Genre : Progressive
Review by Brett Gould

Balearic trance is a rare thing these days.. In fact the term hasn’t been mentioned for years, if ever, but if I am to describe this track, that would be the two words I use. Its has a warm summer Ibiza feel to it. It’s old skool but yet like any great track at the moment, it sounds from the 90s but with a modern edge.

What surprised me even further was that Javanny is from Russia. He most certainly has his finger on the pulse.

The warm compressed strings over lush keys and pianos really do make this a track blissfull. The drums are right, nothing complicated. it just has the energy that it needs.

Theres 3 remixes which are different in there own right but still use all the main elements of the original.

Digital Department come correct with a full on breaks mix that is crisp and full of energy.

Fiddler makes a change from his usual style to create a deep breaks mix and just to finish of the package is a tech house remix from Junitoshi.

Good job Suffused!

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