Josel – Jenny The Junkie

Artist: Josel
Title: Jenny The Junkie

Label : Suffused
Cat No : SMD007
Genre : Progressive
Review by Brett Gould

One of the most important things with releasing music in this day and age is to have a presence, be consistent and have your sound. Suffused are ticking all the boxes.

The latest release is from Greek born, Manchester Based Josel who’s previous releases have been on Baroque, Polytechnic and Deepsession Digital to name just a few.

‘Jenny The Junkie’  gives you a warm atmospheric trip with lovely pads, chords and a hypnotising groove that is perfect in real progressive house. This completely pulls you in as the track progresses and once your in the break down your naturally feeling the hairs on your neck stick up.

The 3 remixes are all quality. Demian Deep strips things down first of all and takes you on his darker style to a peak time moody, get your teeth into this mix. Secondly comes Digital Departments take. They turn the main synth in to an arpeggiator which creates the energy flow and use a lovely warm subby base for those finger pointing moments. Last but not least Napalm who adds in his trademark dirty stabs to give it a slightly more techy feel with all the atmospheric pads floating around them.

Already looking forward to Suffused number 8!