Martin Aquino & Leo Leal – Reach For The Sky

Artist: Martin Aquino & Leo Leal
Title: Reach For The Sky
Remixers: Gregorythme, Bunte Bummler
Label : Tenampa Recordings
Cat No : TENA026
Release : 14.10.2013

Genre : Tech House

Martin Aquino who lives in the states and hails from the

Phillipenes has teamed up with Mexican Leo Leal. Between

them they have had previous releases on hot labels like

Unike, Dieb Audio, Akbal and One recordings. This release

will do them both a lot of favours i’m sure.

When I first heard the tracks, what initially stood out for

me was the clarity and quality with-in the production. Its

so nice to hear no matter what genre.

Now this is a 4 tracker with 3 mixes of Reach For The Sky

and 1 mix of ‘Optical’. Shame there isn’t a mix of ‘Optical’

as I actually think its the best track on the E.P. Maybe it

will come later.

The Original of ‘Reach For The Sky’ is a track that conforms

to the true meaning of progressive. It keeps building and

you can feel the intensity grow with every beat. It simply

pulls you in. I can see this being used in a lot of

progressive and techno warm ups.

The Bunte Bummier (Nice name) Remix is pretty much in the

same vain as the original. It has those head nodding rhythms

which you certainly want when your walking in to a

club. During the break it has some nice twangy

filtered loops and nice percussion…. But I will be

surprised if it ends up on any recognisable dj’s play list.

The Gregory Thyme Remix again is the same as the previous.

You may get a few deep house dj’s that pick this up.

Otherwise its a warm up track. Nice. We all need to pick

them up from time to time unless were a superstar dj that

has 10 years worth of there favourite early door tracks, so

wont even look at this.

The last track is the original of ‘Optical’ which has

something going on. Again crystal production, nice groove

and a beautiful analogue bass line. This track again is a

warm up, but because of the deepness could also be used at

3.00 in the morning.

All in all. Martin Aquino and Leo Leal could be future

heroes. I just wish there was slightly more diversity in

this package.