Molefonk featuring Tricia Lee Kelshall – We Are One

Artist: Molefonk featuring Tricia Lee Kelshall
Title: We Are One
Remixers: Nick Brennan, Boom Jinx, SoundSAM
Label: Section Records
Genre: House and Electronica
Cat No: SCTN00012
Released: 12.08.2013

Section Records introduce another quality act to the dance music world in the shape of Molefunk (Joe Dali and Jimmy Jazz). Featuring the lovely vocals of Tricia Lee Kelshall who is probably best known for her work with Way Out West on the release Mindcircus, the track We Are One is Molefunk’s debut single.

The Molefunk original is probably best described as melodic house with building pads, atmospheres and vocal textures before the melody switches and begins to introduce Tricia Lee Kelshall’s mesmerising vocal. If you think about the sound Deep Dish used to play you won’t be too far off the mark in terms of sound. Very solid original track but if I was to have one gripe it would be that the vocal does sound a little commercial, especially during the break. However I suppose that could also be a blessing for the label as this will appeal to a broad spectrum of DJs out there.

This simply wouldn’t be a Section EP without label boss Nick Brennan throwing his production talents into the mix. For this mix Nick slows the tempo to a laid back 118bpm and creates a chunky house number tinged with nu disco flavours thanks to a healthy smattering of retro percussion, analog synths and vocoders. This remix keeps you interested right to the end but I must admit the stab does get a little annoying after hearing it a few times. However, when the break kicks in and you hear the sublime melody all is right again with this track. I would certainly not be surprised to hear the likes of Sasha playing this!

The next remix is provided by Anjunabeats Boom Jinx and he produces an unexpected glitchy downtempo version. It may be best to describe this as trip hop but I would refer to label this as broken beats or electronica. Either way is a jazzy, experimental remix packed with atmosphere and has a great sunset vibe. I would certainly not be surprised to hear this being played at the many sunset bars in Ibiza to the many suntanned and bikini clad beautiful people.

Last but not least, we get a remix by SoundSAM, who delivers a very well produced downtempo house track, or indie dance remix as I believe it is now called. Complementing Tricia’s vocals with new treatments and his own vocal counterpoint, SoundSAM’s mix is a chunky slab of pumping synth-pop with instant sing-along appeal. This once again does have a great crossover appeal and will appeal to a broad spectrum of DJs.