Paradise 45 – Remedy ft. Kathy Diamond

The latest output from the lesser-known Madhatter White recordings is an understated slice of NuFunk/Disco from Paradise 45 that will definitely find favour with fans of the Weatherall/Love From Outer Space sound that has been rocking dancefloors the world over in recent years.

The title track ‘Remedy’, featuring the lovely vocals of Kathy Diamond (who herself has seen previous works signed to the likes of Defected), is a very strong dancefloor-aimed funker that chugs along nicely under the weight of its guitar-driven beats and overtly 80’s style synths. With this release, Paradise 45 have graciously included the main vox as well as a handy dub version for those who aren’t keen on the vocal (and let’s face it, not everybody is). Some might argue that the vocal is somewhat ‘Hed Kandi’, but in itself it sounds very tidy and definitely adds a splash of vibrancy and positivity to an evening’s proceedings. Regardless, if you find the vocal to be a little fluffy, the dub mix offers all of the unbridled Disco thrills with none of the drawbacks usually associated with dub edits.

Deepmode weighs into the party with his Garage-style take on the funk. There are occasions when the vocal doesn’t seem to quite sit right with the melody, and repeated listens give the impression that some of the track would probably have benefitted with cutting it out completely. Aside from that minor gripe, it’s a solid effort and fans of Huxley and Midland will probably want to head over to this corner of the soiree to get their fix.

Bringing up the rear is the superb Rudy’s Midnight Machine remix, which takes things on a hypnotic 6 and a half minute journey through a peak-time terrace rendition.

The repeating sun-drenched riff, combined with the expertly manipulated snippets of the vocal converge on each other and lodge themselves right under your skin… where they stay. This is perhaps the strongest of the 4 tracks and should see plenty of action in Ibiza as DJs of the white isle demand some classy arm-raisers to fire up the closing parties before the season goes into hibernation mode once more.

All in all, a quality release from a small independent label, and one that should see both Paradise 45 and Madhatter gain the attention they deserve.