Paul Rutherford – Get Real

Artist: Paul Rutherford
Title: Get Real
Remixers: Darren Emerson, Just Be, Pete Gooding
Label : Selador
Genre : House
Cat No : SEL004
Release : 26.08.2013

Sadly for me I missed the acid house days, but what I do know is this track has legendary status, hence the 3 remixers on this E.P. Starting with Darren Emerson’s remix which couldn’t be more acid if it tried! It really is an epic journey which last 9 minutes long. The changes keep the track interesting all the way through and he uses the original vocal elements at the right time and just when you don’t expect them.

Just Be’s remix comes correct with a slightly more groovier feel but the energy in the percussion is as high as it could be. Infused with the original Acid samples, vocals and pads, the more you get into the track, the more your in a warehouse in 1988. Its hypnotising. Its Peak time.

Last but not least is Pete Goodings cooler version. Still keeping the elements of the original and perfect for the deep and techy floors. This has a slightly spookier feel to it but at the same time its completely uplifting. The perfect combination.

All 3 tracks have some amazing hands in the air moments and between these artists there is so much history. I dont think I will ever review a E.P again with so many stories behind it. Buy now!