Various Artists – Manhattan, Devito, Kayaych Pro B Tech EP 2

Artist: Various Artists – Manhattan, Devito, Kayaych
Title: Pro B Tech EP 2
Label : Pro-B Tech
Cat No : PBT016
Release : September 2013

Genre : Progressive House

Manhattan who are certainly no strangers to the deep and techno scene are first up on this EP. ‘Rubber Soul’ can only be described as a 2.00 in the morning sound. It has a lovely base groove, the percussion just about does enough and the synth is just a tease to keep you smiling. Really good but almost unnoticeable at the same time. Manhattan have produced better.

Second up is newbie Devito with 2 mixes of ‘Never Give Up’. Both versions are really nice but personally I would plump for the dub. If you do like a full vocal track then this its certainly worth having a listen to. With the dub though Devito seems to have replaced the vocal with some additional sounds that give the track a slightly rougher edge and slightly more energy.

Kayach is last on the E.P with the original name of ‘House Music’ again very much in the same vain as the previous 3 tracks. Very well produced and to be honest parts of this track are brilliant. All I can say is Kayach’s influences must come from the early years of progressive house and this certainly does have that feel so if your into that sound then this is for you.

In-fact the whole E.P has that sound. Im not sure if thats a positive thing now. Its nice but its not gonna top the on-line charts.