Selador Recordings 2013 – ADE Collection (Part 2)

Artist: Piemont, SEFF, Robert Babicz, Vrong, Rob Hes & Steve Slight, XY-Me
Title: Selador Recordings 2013 ADE Collection (Part 2)

Label : Selador
Cat No : SEL006
Genre : Progressive/Techno
Release: 14.10.2013
Review by Brett Gould

Selador Recordings ADE Collection Part 1 and Part 2

Dave Seamans new label is back with a mix bag of goodies for every house and techno fan.  The forward thinking label which rooster includes Just Be, Darren Emerson and Piemont has put together 2 ADE packages for you to celebrate the festivities of Amsterdam’s premier dance event.

Part 1 has 5 beauties for you. Pick of the bunch for me is by Kucna Muzika with  ‘Feel It’ (in my humble opinion). The track is a jacking house groove with deep elements. The break down works simple enough to keep the crowd going with some old skool filtered house chords and the base bumps you along nicely. The chopped pitched down vocal works perfectly over the top. Definitely a tune for the deep house heads.

The rest of the E.P boasts tracks from Chris Fortier, Danito Agent, G -Pal and Han Haak. The tunes are more on a tech / house tip than there usual styles but keeping progressive elements in there.

If you thought part 1 was amazing, then part 2 is just showing off. 6 tracks in total, which theres something bound to be for you. Tracks from Piemont, Rob Hes and Steve Slide, Seff, Vrong, XY-Me and pick of the bunch is ‘Rose Garden’ from Robert Babicz which is pure class deep techno.

Both Part 1 and 2 combine for a really strong package and is exactly what works in clubland right now. Get this.

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