The Underground Allstars – Night Pressure

Artist: The Underground Allstars(Mick Park, Alex Brown, Nic Brittion (TILT), Luke Brancaccio, Ben Shaw, Ben Summers)
Title: Night Pressure
Remixes: ThermalBear, Quivver
Label : Pro-B Tech
Cat No : PBT018
Genre : Progressive
Release: 28.10.2013
Review by Brett Gould

Pro- B are certainly keeping up the consistency when it comes to releasing records and have already given host to Dave Seaman, Donatello, Tilt and John OO Fleming. There roster continues to impress with this release. Hence the artist name Underground Allstars. 

‘Night Pressure’ has 5 remixes and it’s very difficult to choose a favourite. All are on the same decent level. Each track is different in its own slight way, but keeps the old skull 90’s ‘real’ progressive house feel. The 2 mixes that do slightly stand out is Quivers and Thermal Bears.

Quiver picks up the energy with his signature base sound, whilst keeping the darkness that he usually brings to the table with his icy pads and pitched down vocals. Certainly one for the heads.

Thermal Bear gives it a housier affair using funky, tech stabs that you would hear in a US house track back in the day and is certainly having its moment now. The strings on top are pure acid house and the percussion finishes of the acid theme. The base notes underneath give the track its funkier groove. Club and bar djs should have a look at this mix.

All in all. Very nice.

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