Artist : Rob Hes & Steve Slight

Track Name : Focusing /Mankind

Remixers: Gabriel Ananda & Steve Parry

Label : Selador

Cat No : SEL008

Release : 20.01.2014

Genre : Progressive/Techno

Review by Brett Gould

The great thing about music is when artists think a little bit outside the box and try to be a bit different. Selador who are now on every forward thinking techno DJ’s play-list have hit the right spot again. This time providing us a 4 track E.P entitled ‘Focusing’. With 2014 just starting, a very apt title.

The original mix builds from some beautifully crafted drums into a hypnotising synth groove that would give any clubber a dream trip. On top of the groove a clever melody to take you further into euphoria and the breakdown brings all the elements together for peak time madness.

Steve Parry who is a man on a mission at the moment gives the track a more Faithless-esq heads down feel, which is perfect for those that like things a little darker. The tracks embraced with some reverbed plucks and some very clever atmospheric sounds to create a monster of a tune.

Just when you think it couldn’t better and your scratching your head for a track to close your set with Gabriel Ananda comes correct. This mix is certainly one for the girls. Slower but uplifting. One of those feel good tunes.

Last but not least is ‘Mankind’ which infuses chuggy jackin grooves, warm strings and some deep techno influences. Full of energy and some lovely changes to keep the clubbers rocking.

A classic E.P which has a mix for every DJ.

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