Stefan Eckert a progressive influence in fashion

stefanpicSo, this is progressive, let’s start from here.
There are a million blogs and website talking about fashion, but what I want to do here is talk about what’s NEW in fashion.
And, to be honest, it’s no progressive if there’s no space for the new.
We want to talk about who CHANGES the rules, to who refuses to be part of a sick old system, being part instead of something different.
About who consider fashion as pure ART, pure creation, IDEAS…yes, ideas: where all begins.
About the ones are not afraid to express themselfs, even taking the risk to be not understood.
You know that the taste we love is strictly linked with the words underground, passion, change, improvement, liberal ideas and experimental methods. Words that can be related to any kind of artistic expression.
To music too. Well, we know very well that the relationship between fashion and music take their origin from very far, but now like never they are walking together…it’s a marriage deep in the blood.
Together they have a power really hard to explain by words, you just can watch the show and feel your heart shaking for the excitement, at least this is what happen to me. The sound mixed with the shapes and the colors is a unique poem.
The collaborations between powerful and artists make any performance unique.
I would like to talk about someone that makes this philosophy the concept of his work, his name is Stefan Eckert. ( )

Stefan Eckert began his fashion career in his native city of Nuremberg. Here he devoted himself devoted to learning the high art of tailoring that will subsequently influenced his work. From then on, he designer graduated at the Hamburg AMD, worked for Alexander McQueen in London, visited the Master course at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and presented his first collection exclusively at Galleries Lafayette Berlin.

The designer sees his work as a tribute to the individual woman whose symbolization cannot be expressed more
appropriate for him, as in the following lines from Kerouac’s “on-the-road”…. He says:
“Because the only people for me are the mad who are crazy for life, crazy on speeches, crazy at redemption,
full of greed on everything at the same time, who never yawn or say everyday things, but burn, burn, burn like
fabulous yellow exploding sparklers and wheels like fire under the stars, and in the middle you see the blue light pop core and all shout “Ahhhhh”. “


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About the Author

Gloria Bellardi, born in Cattolica, near Rimini in 1986. After attending Art school, she moved to Milan to study at Marangoni Institute, were she conquered a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, which was followed by relevant work experience in Florence- such as- collaborations with Vivia Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli. Afterwards she moved to Rome, where she decided to go further with her studies, enrolling at the European Institute of Design (IED) for a postgraduate course in Fashion styling & Fashion editing. This gives rise to the curiosity to open up new creative possibilities taking into account a work experience abroad. She moved to London in February 2011 and was immediately taken on board by Traffic People. Gloria Bellardi was hired with the aim of improving the quality levels, taking on a role of high responsibility that concerns the almost total management of styles office. In London she also attended a course in Footwear Design, her childhood passion, at the Central Saint Martins School. Back in Italy in January 2013, she's also represented as a fashion illustrator from roman agency 'MIa Visual Studio' and she worked as a freelance for several companies in Italy and abroad.
Thanks to the experience gained she decides to undertake an 'adventure on its own 'Gloria Gaia Bellardi, her own clothing line, where everything is rigorously Made in Italy.