Terje Saether – Misty Meadow/Human Element

Artist: Terje Saether
Title: Misty Meadow/Human Element
Label: Music to Please Friends
Cat No: MTPF001
Genre: Progressive
Release: 14/11/13
Review by Simon Huxtable

Music To Please Friends is a new label with a strong focus on the deeper side of progressive and tech house. Their first release from Norway’s Terje Saether sums up exactly what they’re about and with releases from international artists covering the full progressive/tech house spectrum, I can see this label growing from strength to strength. As you’d expect from an accomplished producer of Saether’s standing we are treated to two slabs of groovy progressive music full of menace and power.

The A side track, Misty Meadow is the kind of prog you’d hear the likes of Hernan, Warren and Sasha play which you’d never find out the name of. From a simple house beat, layers of percussion and off kilter noises are added to create a natural swing and energy. As we approach that all important break down Terje strips away many of those elements to create a moment of calm before we saddle up for the ride once more. This is a perfect mid set warm up prog track which does enough to keep me engaged but is restrained enough not to over power a mix.

The B side track, Human Element is for me the stronger of the two tracks. Again starting simply with a tribal rhythm, layers of sound and percussion come into view to create a much darker, late night beast and as the baseline kicks in at around the minute mark my head started nodding violently! The first break down is sinister and kicks back in without warning catching you a little off balance (I liked that – well done Terje!) By contrast break down two features a barely audible female voice mumbling incoherently and a great stubby hook which swirls around your head, further filmic samples enter the mix around the 6 min mark and provide a wonderful imagery to the dark sinister soundscapes.
Stellar work from a firm favourite of mine.