The controversial Arches nightclub will be shut down after police raised fears over drugs and disorder

According to STV News today, A meeting of Glasgow’s licensing board ruled to close the nightclub element of the venue. It can now only operate up until midnight rather than 3am, effectively ending its ability to operate as a nightclub. The change takes place immediately, a council spokesman confirmed.

The iconic Glasgow club came under fire in March after 26 people were reported for drugs and alcohol-related offences in one night. A woman also collapsed outside the venue in Glasgow City Centre on March 29 after a dance event descended into chaos. The woman was found unconscious outside the nightspot in the early hours of Sunday and was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. A set by Radio Clyde DJ George Bowie had to finish more than an hour early due to the trouble.

Police Scotland then tried to have the nightclub permanently closed down over the incidents. However, licensing chiefs decided to keep the venue open after ruling the police bid to close it as “unlawful”. Another review of the nightclub and arts venue was held by the Licensing Board on Friday, where it was ruled that it would close down the nightclub element of the premises.

The decision came after arguments from lawyer representing Police Scotland and The Arches.

The George Bowie event in March was broadcast live on radio but was cut short after police pulled the plug. A total of 15 clubbers were reported for alleged drugs offences and a further 11 for alleged alcohol-related offences. A man was also reported to prosecutors over alleged licensing offences.

A spokesman for Glasgow Licensing Board said: “After hearing submissions from both Police Scotland and the Arches, the board decided to vary the licence by moving the closing hour for the premises from 3am to 12 midnight, Monday to Sunday.

“The decision was made in terms of the licensing objectives of preventing crime and disorder, securing public safety and protecting and improving public health.”

Chief inspector Mark Sutherland from Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe by promoting public safety and preventing crime and disorder within and associated with licensed premises.

“In order to maintain this commitment a review of the premises licence at The Arches was prepared and submitted to the Licensing Board for their consideration.

“We recognise the decision of the Licensing Board.

“Police Scotland will continue to work in partnership with all responsible licence holders and designated premises managers across Scotland. We strive to ensure licensed premises maintain a safe environment, free from violence, disorder, drug taking and excessive levels of drunkenness – all of which can endanger people.

“Our aim is always to work closely with licence holders to uphold the law and provide a safe environment for their patrons to enjoy alcohol responsibly. Where breaches of licensing legislation occur we will take appropriate action and record and report this to the local Licensing Authority.”

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