This gadget turns your TV into a computer and works even when your internet is down

Designer Matt Dalio hopes to bring affordable computers to emerging middle class families across America. His project, the Endless computer, works directly with the family flat screen television, making for a lower cost operating system. Endless is packed with 150 useful apps, and at just $169, the computer may soon be popping up in every home as Dalio imagined.

After months of researching and meeting with emerging middle class families across the country, Dalio discovered that most families had a television, but not all had home computers. Since the screen was already present in these homes, Dalio got the idea to double the existing television as a monitor, which would save money for the families, and save on production and waste. Endless gives everyone access to the virtual world, leveling the playing field and making sure no one misses out.

Based on the interface of the familiar smart phone, the software on Endless is user-friendly, simplified so users who have never had a computer before can navigate with ease. A built-in App Center lets users download new apps easily as if on their phones, but many apps are already pre-installed as a safeguard for users with spotty or limited internet. In fact, the system was designed with the ability to work offline, to save work of users in areas with unreliable internet. The computer itself was designed to look anything but utilitarian, resembling a sleek cloud module that can rest on any desk, table, or television console.

Endless just wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign, and in time, the company plans to extend the inexpensive computer to developing areas, giving access to virtually everyone.


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