Throwback Thursday with BT

Choosing a TBT album was an almost no brainer for me because it has been one that has been a part of my collection right from the day of its release in 1997 and that is BT’s ESCM.

“Flaming June” is possibly one of the greatest dance anthems ever, is the reason I got into dance music in the first place and it is the reason this album is extremely dear to my heart. This album is a spiritual and an emotional journey where each track speaks to you and identifies with you at some level. For me, ESCM helped me through an extremely traumatic time in my life and made me believe that there is hope and giving up is not an option. During my darkest hours, I listened to this album and it gave me strength and courage. Thanks to this album, I have come out of this dark phase and I am much happier now.

It may not take you on the same journey, but it is the composition and the technical prowess of this man that makes him such a legend. So I present my TBT choice for Decoded, BT – ESCM.

Track list
01. Firewater
02. Orbitus Teranium
03. Flaming June
04. Lullaby for Gaia
05. Memories in a Sea of Forgetfulness
06. Solar Plexus
07. Nectar
08. Remember
09. Love, Peace & Grease
10. Content

About the Author

Shilpa’s love of dance music is vast and it spreads across many different styles. Before becoming a writer you’d find her on the dancefloor shaking a leg while her favourite DJs were working their magic. 7 years ago she decided to combine her love of dance music and her love of writing and began to document her experiences and the music she is a firm advocate of, and has since then written with some pretty heavyweight publications.