Throwback Thursdays – The Prodigy: Music For The Jilted Generation


The Prodigy have always been my ultimate dance act and their second album specifically is a masterpiece that most groups only dream of accomplishing. It’s 1994 and The Prodigy changed the course of Electronica giving a fresh sound with every release on the album with samples of the Guitar from ‘Very Ape’ by Nirvana to the Vocal from ‘Poltergeist III’ and even a Sample from ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ amongst a slap in the face of breakbeat, techno, raving sirens, orchestrated melodies, smashed glass and down right raw pounding beats. Recorded around the time of the Criminal Justice Act which is the 1994 legislation that effectively criminalised outdoor raving this album delivers the anarchistic message perfectly to the question which is printed inside the sleeve – ‘How can the government stop young people from having a good time? So on that note……

Track list
Break & Enter
Their Law
Full Throttle
Voodoo People
Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)
The Heat (The Energy)
No Good (Start The Dance)
One Love (Edit)

The Narcotic Suite
3 Kilos
Claustrophobic Sting

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