Touchable 2

Touchable 2 was recently launched as an upgrade on the wait for it 1.0 version, which was released in 2010. The creators of the original are Zerodebug, which are a small Berlin based company that have taken on the role of a touch interface app to control Ableton live from you iPad

The app works on a wireless connection once setup on in the preference of Ableton and offers control in the various instances to help increase speed of workflow and eliminate the need of using a mouse for most tasks. This can be achieved through using its flexible template design to launch clips, control mixer parameters, programme drums or chords down to use of the X&Y pad to control EQ’s and filters.

Zerodebug wanted to keep the original concept and workflow which would be familiar to version 1.0 users but rebuilt the fundamentals to make the overall improve the overall performance whilst eliminating any issues of latency whether on a wireless network or not. The software will seamlessly integrate into your studio setup.

Immediately comparisons and questions will be asked on how it fairs against Ableton’s own Push controller. Well to answer the question in many respects yes it does and if you own an iPad for the price of 20 odd quid it’s ALOT cheaper than purchasing the Push controller. In fact the quality of workflow and its integration into the software one would think that Zerodebug work for or on behalf of Ableton.

As regards competition, well there is Live Control 2 which was design by the people who brought you the Lemur and there is Conductr which was released in August of this year. Both programmes have done an excellent job but trail in comparison to Touchable. Zerodebug have done a stellar job and I for one look forward to utilising the software for all my own future productions.