UK clubs ‘noise complaints’ petition launched

A petition has been launched to protect UK clubs from closure following noise complaints from residents who have moved into the surrounding area.

The petition, launched by Aidan James Stevens, is directed to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and has has already picked up over 8,000 signatures. It remains open until 30 March 2015.

It comes in the wake of a spate of incidents in recent years where the future of several clubs was threatened by noise complaints or the potential for such complaints from future tenants residing in imminent or newly-built developments. In what appears to be a global epidemic of gentrification in capital cities from Sydney to Amsterdam, bars, clubs and arts centres are facing an uphill battle against residents who move into areas and demand silence and ignoring that a venue has been there for many years.

Last year, Ministry Of Sound famously signed a deal with developer Oakmayne Properties to safeguard its status after permission was granted for a 41-storey tower block next to the iconic club, following a huge ‘Save Our Club’ campaign that went worldwide and supported by the music industry. A legal agreement was created containing clauses addressing the potential for noise complaints, their ramifications and adjustments to the building structure by builders to limit noise.

Click here to sign the petition. to save your nightlife

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